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After a two and a half year journey, the Smallville Season 11 comic series concludes today. It is worth a read whether you want to know what happens after the Smallville TV series finale or you want to read an alternative Superman comic compared to the New 52. The comic series is availiable as digital comic, comic book or paperback on Comixology, Amazon or your local comic book store.

Smallville: Season 11 (Guardian, Detective, Haunted, Effigy, Argo, Valkyrie, Olympus, Hollow)
Smallville: Titans
Smallville: Alien
Smallville: Harbinger
Smallville: Lantern
Smallville: Chaos
Smallville: Continuity

Thank you to Agustin Padilla, Axel Gimenez, Beni Lobel, Bryan Q. Miller, Carrie Strachan, Cat Staggs, Chris Beckett, Chris Cross, Coral Martinez, Daniel HDR, Diana Egea, DYM, Edgar Salazar, Gabe Eltaeb, Garry Henderson, Gary Frank, J.P. Mayer, Jamal Igle, Jessica Chen, Jim Chadwick, Jorge Jimenez, José Avilés, Julio Ferreira, Kevin West, Kristy Quinn, Kwanza Johnson, Le Beau Underwood, LG Guara, Marc Deering, Marcelo Di Chiara, Marcio Takara, Michael McCalister, Mico Suayan, Pere Pérez, Pete Woods, Rainer Petter, Randy Mayor, Rex Lokus, Rob Lean, Rodjer Goulari, Rodney Buchemi, Ryan Benjamin, Saida Temofonte, Sarah Gaydos, Sarah Litt, Scott Kolins, Space Goat Productions, Vicente Cifuentes and Wendy Broome who worked on this project.