• Howard:You can't go in the jungle dressed like that!
  • Vince:Like what??
  • Howard:Like a Camden leisure pirate!
  • Vince:I'm king of the mods!
  • Howard:We're in the rain forest.
  • Vince:So? I might have to do a benefit for some pinecones.
  • Howard:The forest has no respect for fashion Vince. Look at this. Check out what I've got going on here. Forest casual.
  • Vince:Whut.
  • Howard:Forest casual.
  • Vince:What is this?
  • Howard:Get off my juju beads!
  • Vince:They're sugar pops!
  • Howard:This is my look!
  • Vince:You look like a knob.
  • Howard:Yeah? Well we'll see who survives here...you little pimp.

raine redesign stuff. ive always wanted to make her genderfluid or androgynous so i took this change and made her genderfluid 8) im also considering to change her body type to be really lanky instead of butch but idk. her man version has to big of a head but its only sketches for clothes and stuff