Element Water


~ all kinds of blue

~ turquoise

~ black

~ white


~ Piesces

~ Scorpio

~ Cancer


~ Fish

~ Ducks, swans and any other water bird

~ Any Marine creatures

~ Waves

~ Raindrops

~ Rivers

~ Lakes

~ Reed, water lilies and any other water flowers/plants

~ Bath tubs, pools etc.

~ Seashells

~ Salt

~ Ice

How to represent (and work with) water in witchcraft

  • Bathing (maybe with bath bombs, bath salts etc.)
  • Use different kinds of water (like moon water, storm water etc.)
  • Just drink it (you can add fruit, cucumber etc. You can also drink salt water or tea)
  • Use salt (for example for protection)
  • Collect water flowers/plants
  • Use Ice
  • Make potions with different kinds of waters
  • Work with crystals that represent water (for example amethyst or turquoise)
  • Collect seashells
  • If you’re a creative witch, work with water colors)
  • Use blue candles
  • Do ritual/spellwork while its raining/storming

These are just ideas, please don’t be sad if anything is missing.