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X-Men Preference: What You Do During The Holiday + Favourite Part Of The Holidays

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Charles: You two just love sitting by a fire on cold nights, drinking tea, and cuddling with each other

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Erik: well being Jewish Erik doesn’t celebrate Christmas obviously. So instead the two of you celebrate hanukkah and it’s pretty special for the both of you

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Raven: you loved drinking eggnog together (with you know a bit of alcohol)

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Scott: your favourite part of the holidays would have to be when you finally convince Scott to wear an ugly Christmas sweater and raindeer antlers. You’d always take a ton of goofy pictures

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Jean: Similar to Charles you and Jean like to cuddle up of the sofa with a nice book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

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Ororo: The two of you love snow so naturally Ororo makes it snow so you can both admire it together

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Kurt: You both love taking walks in the snow

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Peter: Playing in the snow was your absolute favourite! When it snowed you and Peter turned into a couple of little kids. You had snow ball fights, made snow angels, etc

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Jubilee: you could both admit you loved the presents. You didn’t just enjoy receiving the gifts though, you also enjoyed seeing the look on the others face when they saw the amazing gift you got them

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Warren: Warren acts like he’s not into Christmas but he loves decorating the Christmas tree with you. Every year he insists on putting the angel on top

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Alex: playing in the snow is something you and Alex will always enjoy. Alex is that jerk who puts snow down your shirt but you always get him back. You both also love to catch snowflakes on your tongues

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Sean: Sean loves the idea of mistletoe. You know those hats with mistletoes attached to them? Yeah Sean has one and he wears it throughout the holidays. It’s nice at first but eventually your lips start to hurt

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