localized torrential rain, and beautiful change in the sky of 1 hour


Asbury, Iowa
Population: 4,357

“For most of its history, Asbury was very small, much like hundreds of other towns in rural Iowa. In the 1960 census, Asbury still had only 71 residents. During this time, the City of Dubuque grew immensely, and thesprawl reached the Asbury area beginning in the 1960s. By 1970, Asbury had 410 residents and had grown fast enough to become the fastest growing city in the state of Iowa.”


Guys, honestly, I can’t even explain how much I love this adorable hoop. Like, have you looked at it? Little glittery happy raincloud!

Anyway! This little cutie is 4", is hand painted and then hand stitched (while I was watching the making of LOTR, I had a great time) and will arrive to you, all ready to hang.

It can be on its way to you within 7 days of receiving payment via First Class Royal Mail in a bubble mailer for protection. International shipping available