Like water on a duck’s back.  The Cleverhood ideal is that you will throw your ‘hood on over your bag, backpack…and go about your business in inclement weather feeling great and dry, simple and pure objective. In making the garment we have reached far, we have used high test water resistant fabric (10 k), looked far and wide to find a US manufacturer that can do high quality seam sealing and fabric sublimation to insure that it is leak proof. We have installed really powerful “snappy” magnets in the arm closures so that water stays out.  We have bought the best available (+ RI) reflective material so that when your comfortably dry on that dark day or night you don’t get hit by a bus! TMI? sorry, but we wanted you to know.


Deertick, fellow RIer - love the inlay on John’s guitar

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We’ve been invited to present our corduroy ‘hood at the annual Corduroy Appreciation Club meeting fashion show  11/11/11 (the date that most resembles corduroy) - couldn’t be more thrilled!  Fuck fashion week, this is far better.

Face it, we New Englanders know bad weather.  Sure, you Northwesterners suffer ( a lot) but we were the first, the original crappy weather states, we were wet and miserable before you guys came on the scene bragging about your big fat rainfall averages.   East coast, west coast - my hope is that this ‘hood will take the sting out of those lousy days, keep you on your way and looking good while you’re wearing it  -and after.