rainbowsandwitheringwinters replied to your quote: “Did Lily ever have feelings for Snape?” “Yes….

There’s a general misunderstanding here. There was still hope for Snape. Snape continued to love her, despite his craving for the Dark Arts. He wanted to belong, which is Snape’s “tragedy”. He didn’t see any wrong in the Dark Arts. He was human.

I appreciate your opinion, San. :) Lol, this reminds me of the debate we had on YM months ago. Anyway, I didn’t say Snape stopped loving Lily because we all know he never did. And that’s the thing! He didn’t see anything wrong in Dark Arts which was why he loved it so much, so much that he didn’t see what it’s doing with his friendship with Lily. I’m pretty sure Lily wasn’t a big Dark Arts fan. By choosing Dark Arts, he lost Lily. I know he’s human and he has faults. I mentioned that in my other tag.

I don’t think you understand why I posted those quotes. I posted them (except the J/L shipper quote, I only posted it because it made my heart flutter lol) because there were some biased character judgments against James and they make Snape to be this hero who was “victimized” throughout his entire life blahblahblah. Yes, James wasn’t perfect but Snape wasn’t, too. However, aside from their faults, they both redeemed themselves in different ways. Yes, Snape did good but James also did; he changed for the better, he fought for the good side, the Order, he may have saved countless lives fighting in the first battle, he loved his wife and his son and he died for them. I just don’t get why some people see past through this and are hating on him so much, because of a fault he did with his friends when they were fifteen. That’s my point.