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Saw panic! at the disco. Brendon urie is a perfect cult leader and it had been a religious experience. Gospel is the purest thing i’ve ever heard and I don’t even go here.

Also the thousands of rainbow hearts, so sweet. Good job fans.

Babysitting (Wen Junhui x Reader)

The loud yet silent giggles echoed around the small apartment, the child’s laughter only getting louder with each giggle that came across. And it only grew and grew as I tickled Hana more. The small toddler wiggled around, squealing and squirming, wanting free from the grasps of fingers caressing her sides.

I laughed along with her, watching as her hair became a mess, shuffling and rubbing together against the matress she laid upon. My fingers continued their deadly rule before stopping, a knock coming from the door.

“Oh, I think he’s back.” I smiled lightly but grimaced at the thought of who it was, Wen Junhui.

He was cheeky and obviously flirty, but I guess he had his moments at times. Like usually when he came to pick up his cousin after work, who you were just babysitting.

Its not that I didn’t like the guy, he was alright, but I’ve just seen too many heart breaks over the man, not just female. During high school he was always well known for his good looks and flirty nature, and even now people still gossip about him.

I shook my head lightly, picking up Hana’s stuff. I hummed to myself as I picked her up, rubbing her back lightly as she yawned and pouted.

“But I want to play more.” She pouted.

I shook my head and laughed, “Its not my choice, Junhui is here now.”

“Tell him to go away! He only comes here to see you anyways, telling to go!” Hana began to whine more in her temper tantrum.

“Hana, you’ll always see me tomorrow when he drops you off again.” I smiled at her, trying to calm her down as I opened the door, being met by the male himself.

“She’s a little angry today, so be careful.” I spoke quietly, trying not to hold eye contact.

“C'mon, Hana, its time to go home.” Jun spoke, starting to take her from my arms.

Hana only threw a bigger fit, holding onto my neck lightly, “I want to play with (Y/N) more!”

I sighed, holding onto her, “If Junhui says you can then you can play a little longer.”

She nodded happily, looking to her cousin, who in return rolled his eyes and nodded, “I’m coming in though.”

I groaned, but still stepped aside to let him in. I shook my head as I set Hana down to the ground. I set her bag down, shutting the front door as I walked behind the two.

“Alright, Hana pick a quick game.” Junhui spoke, in alight annoyance.

“I want to play house!” She clapped in excitement, “(Y/N) is the mommy and you’re the daddy.” She continued to clap, jumping up and down.

I huffed out some air, going to Junhui’s side, grabbing his arm as I dragged him to the play room, “Once she makes up her mind, there’s no going back.” I murmured, Hana following behind.

I sat on the small bed that was in the room, Hana always using it for nap time. I sighed again, looking around the room. Then I turned my attention to Hana, who was smiling gleefully.

“What does mommy and daddy have to do?” I asked, Junhui nodding from beside me as he nodded.

“I want a sibling, so mommy and daddy has to make a baby!” She cheered, running out of the room and shutting the door in her excitement.

My heart beat quickened at her little words. It pounded in my chest, hitting as if it were playing drums. Drums that could easily make my body numb. I looked over to Junhui who only held a small smile, my head wandering everywhere except where it actually should be. I blinked my eyes a couple time, trying to clear my head.

“Maybe we should do as she says.” He shrugged.


I blinked in my more shock, my eyes widening as I felt pressure to my mouth. Junhui’s eyes were shut as he arms slowly wrapped around my body, holding my frame securely. What felt like hours, but was only a few seconds, he pulled back, smiling cheekily.

“Mommy, you’re acting like you’ve never been kissed before.” He winked.

“Oh shut up.” I rolled my eyes.

My hands went up, grabbing onto his shirt collar as I pulled him close, my lips connecting to his. He seemed lightly shocked but got over it quickly, holding my body and waist tighter, bringing me closer.

Our lips moved in perfect sync, fitting together like a small puzzle piece. The kisses he gave me felt like nothing before, I felt full of sunshine and rainbows. Cannons were going off in my heart, bringing me to pull him closer. But at last, air was a huge difficulty, causing us to pull our lips away slowly.

“Want to get some dinner sometime?” He asked, resting his forehead to mine.

I shrugged, “Sure.”

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Sunshine and daisies is the first thing that comes to mind. And Foundations. Lexi! because I got here because of her and your love is pure (<3) and Debbie (i know when she posts about Greg, you probably replied something) and the rainbow heart!! (also, good luck staying up! I'm going to sleep for 4 hours)

YOU’RE SO SWEET. @idareyoutotakealook @tommosnips look at this 💛 ENJOY YOUR SLEEP i’m very very jealous i’m so sleepy it might be time for another coffee actually x




An Encyclopedia of Simon and Baz Kisses

Sweet, forehead kisses (baz’s forte) that always make Simon melt right into him

Bleary eyed, morning kisses with the sun slanting through the blinds and across their faces, the golden hues sparking in Simon’s hair and Baz can’t help but bury his face in Simon’s soft curls, drinking in the sweet scent of honey and sunshine

Late night kisses through hooded eyelids, sleep tugging at the backs of their minds, their lips fumbling and slow, Simon sometimes forgets to breath because in the moonlight Baz looks like an angel of the night, all sharp angles and ravishing stares, his dark hair falling into his face

Shy kisses outside, under a cloudless, blue sky, as they still get used to being together in the public eye, Simon’s lips pull into a grin against Baz’s own and Baz blushes as he pulls away, gripping Simon’s hand tightly under the weight of people’s stares

The kind of kisses that take your breath away, full of passion and hunger and want, lips trailing across collarbones spreading fire in their wake, Simon always pulls Baz closer to him by his shirt collar and Baz can’t keep his hands out of Simon’s hair, their breaths sharp and frantic as they fall into each other

Joyful kisses, the kind most people take for granted, goodbye kisses and hello kisses as they go about their daily life, but Simon always lingers, his thumb on Baz’s cheek and comes back for one more. Some would say they’re being dramatic, but they will never get over each other, Simon won’t get over the way Baz’s face lights up when Simon walks into a room, how his nose crinkles when he’s concentrating, and his hand wanders towards Simon’s when he’s getting nervous. Baz will never stop marveling at the kindness that pours out of Simon daily, the way he tilts his head when Baz is speaking because he really cares about what Baz’s saying, and how Simon’s curls flop into his face when he falls asleep on Baz’s lap. To the world, they seem love drunk and naïve, a relationship that won’t last, but Simon and Baz aren’t innocent, they know about the dark underbelly of the world and the harsh realities, that’s why they take each day as it comes and love each other, completely and unabashedly, without holding back, and that’s why they will last till the world comes undone at the seams.

"Where Do Rainbow Hearts Go?" - Safe Spaces for LGBTQ+ fans

Join in and show your support for Safe Spaces for All 

Seeing rainbow support in public means a lot to an LGBTQ+ person. With our “Where Do Rainbow Hearts Go” action we want to show that there people ready to create safe spaces all around the world for LGBTQ+ One Direction fans. 

That’s where you come in! We’d like to ask you for your support. Whether you participate from home, a concert venue or anywhere else in the world, we want you to take your own Safe Spaces Heart using this link: here and do one (or both!) of the following:

  • take a picture of it in front of a landmark, building, significant spot in your home town or your very own safe space
  • take your rainbow with you to your One Direction concert and take a picture of it in front of the crowd, the venue or wherever else you would like to create a safe space

And then:

  • post your picture on tumblr, twitter or instagram, add your location and country / your concert and tag #rainbowdirection #WDRHG 

You can print you heart, or draw it by hand, using the template as your example.

Don’t forget that you can also pin the Safe Spaces Heart Badge to your icon on different social media 

Here are a few examples of what your participation could look like:

Coastingonthisdream, Kiev, Ukraine

the-love-laws and cosenoditea, Rome, Italy

larryhqjp, Osaka, Japan

We hope that many of you will take part and help the world become a happier, safer place with loads of rainbows, love and positivity. And show everyone around us just how far a rainbow heart can go.

Never underestimate the power of a rainbow!