rainbows and angels and shit

wow hello what a surprise to see you all here hehe

have some stuff about my baby yoon

  • he is such a soft child
  • like moonbeams n rainbows n shit
  • an actual angel
  • a lil broken but still good
  • he is a sex worker bc he got into it years ago and hes good at it and makes money so why not
  • i mean it helps him afford his fancy living space
  • he doesnt speak to his parents who disowned his years ago
  • bc the boy is hella bisexual
  • and they were not a fan
  • esp since he likes boys better :////
  • hes a dancer, and he teaches himself choreo in some studio that he rents out space for bc he cant afford classes
  • he’s really talented tho
  • he also rly loves eyeliner n highlighter
  • he works part time at a sephora for extra money
  • hes rly a sweet guy
  • would never hurt a fly
  • like he squished a bug once and cried about it
  • he’s such a softie
  • love him pls he needs friends
  • thinks hes broken so no one will ever love him
  • wow so emo
  • that’s yoon tbh
  • emo but soft
  • love him
  • love me