rainbows and angels and shit


Sssoooo @nspamc and @white-rainbowff have this demon!AU thing going on and this is my official interview and resume because I wanna join in on the supernatural fun! I know it’s a ‘demon’ AU, but, uh, Angel!Krennic’s not exactly the watered down Angel people like to draw now adays so he’s kinda freaky enough to fit in maybe? - He’s a Bible Angel™, and that means he’s got three faces, six sets of wings, and supposedly a hundred eyes and other weird shit, too, but I’ll have to draw whatever ‘truest form’ that is (along with a fullbody of his true from so y’all can see all of his wings in action) at a later date because it is two AM at the time of posting this and I am a very tired lad.

He’s got pointed ears, clawed fingers with scales on the back leading up to his elbow, feathers running down his neck and back, a closed eyelid on his forehead, and crossed pupils in ‘human’ form. Not the most inconspicuous, and he chooses to wear a cape because it feels the most wing-like to him and is thusly comforting. He’s probably gonna be Galen’s supposed Guardian Angel (corrupted, somehow?) or something, but honestly I have no idea what I’m going to do with him and that’s really up to what Pam and Rainbow think, ain’t it?

His True Form™ is a fucking mess and needs to be fleshed out at a later date.

Feel free to ask questions about this precious Angel!Krennic if you like - I am more than happy to flesh him out even if he doesn’t pass the Test™.