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Just felt like sharing my daughter’s awesome hair (again)…her stylist entered the national Kenra neon competition with Guy Tang & Rebecca Taylor…my daughter was her model. She did a “dark side of the rainbow”/Pink Floyd-inspired look. The neon side glows under blacklights! Y'all may hate it, but we think it’s AMAZING and she is so talented. I hope she gets chosen to compete in LA!

So if you don’t follow Cheritz’s Twitter (or can’t read Korean [and let’s be real Google Translate kinda sucks at translating Korean]]), here’s the latest bit of exciting news from their official Twitter! (See the original tweet here)

Cheritz is looking for an illustrator to do extra CGs and character illustrations as well as illustrations for character goods!

Other things of note in the post is that it mentions Mystic Messenger now has over 2.5 million users worldwide, there are over 200 000 Mystic Messenger videos on Youtube, and even mentions how MysMe has been the #2 video game fandom on Tumblr for several months now.

What this very likely means:

  • More CG art to come!
  • And more Mystic Messenger merchandise/character goods

What this might also mean:

  • The probability of getting another route (Unknown? V?) just went up quite a lot
    • Combined with the probability that the VAs came back for the Halloween recordings + other voiceover work, it’s definitely a very real possibility at this point
  • It may also mean we will get more event-sensitive artwork like we did for Halloween and Korean Thanksgiving – perhaps for Christmas next month

So there’s definitely some stuff to look forward to :)

Note since I’m always asked this: CGs = in-game artwork that gets saved to your Album ;)

Recommended Bad Ends and Bad Relationship Ends in Mystic Messenger

Note: I have played through every character’s endings EXCEPT for Yoosung’s last BRE. I’m currently working on obtaining it and I’ll update the guide when I do. Also, since I first created this guide I have also added Zen’s Bad Story Ends since I have now played through those ^^

I’m going to use a rating system of hearts to denote which ones I liked best/how much I recommend them:

♥ = go through it if you like the characters; usually the ones with one heart are short and probably pretty easy to get

♥♥♥ = recommended if you have the time; pretty interesting

♥♥♥♥♥ = definitely recommended! Might be a lengthier one or have some interesting information on the characters etc. (or just be hilarious lol)

I’m rating them independently of whether or not they come with CGs. Of course, if you’re collecting CGs, then you’ll definitely want to go through the endings that have them.

I’ve tried to keep this largely spoiler-free, but you should still be careful if you haven’t played through a character’s route yet. Additionally, you may find my Plot Branch Flowchart helpful if you’re not sure how to get the different endings, or what the difference is between a Bad End (aka Bad Story End) and a Bad Relationship End (aka BRE).

Click on the read more for the guide :)

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A Guide on Collecting all the CGs in Mystic Messenger

If you’re hoping to collect all the CGs in Mystic Messenger, you’ve likely seen my CG Spreadsheet. Thanks to the extensive efforts of many fans, we have discovered and documented where and when to find all of the CGs in the game. (Also, since I’m sometimes asked about this, CGs = the pictures that get saved to your Album)

I now have a more finalized version of the CG spreadsheet, this one organized by character so that anyone looking for a specific CG can instantly find out how to get it. It looks like this:

Find the new CG Spreadsheet Here.

To quickly summarize how the spreadsheet works: If you’re looking for a certain CG that you don’t have in your album, find its ‘number’ in your album by counting from left to right, top to bottom. Then you can look that up on the spreadsheet.

The green cells flag ‘unusual’ CGs that require an extra step to get - whether it be participating in the chat or not, choosing certain options, or changing your game to Korean (a method that will allow you to collect those CGs that were previously ‘missing’). The rest of the CGs you will likely collect automatically by going through the game.

Of course, I’m going to assume that since you’re trying to collect all of the CGs, you’ve probably at least gone through all of the characters’ Good Ends and After Ends, as well as the Secret Ends. So for people like you, there is more information under the cut on how to finish up your Album.

Final Note: If there are any mistakes or you don’t get a CG by following the CG spreadsheet, let me know! I will see it the quickest if you message me or send me an ask. Thank you to everyone who helped with the first CG spreadsheet!

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