Louis saying in a recorded interview that his favorite signs are the YOU MAKE ME STRONG signs and waving at fans with rainbow hearts/signs, Liam saying there’s some beautiful colorful YOU MAKE ME STRONG sign over there, Niall showing public support for the marriage equality vote for Ireland with a rainbow clover and HARRY… and Harry grabbing every single opportunity to study and wear rainbows.

These signs might make YOU uncomfortable but sure as hell not the boys.


Everyone else in the room can see it:  Harry spots a rainbow flag in the audience, and flies with it down the catwalk  

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Im very happy Louis acknowledged your rainbow flag. However, i'm a bit confused as to why you would try and throw the rainbow flag to him. Everyone knows at this point and time that Louis' closet is very different from Harry's and that he is unable at this point in time to walk around with a rainbow flag right now. It would blow babygate and the plan they have for a CO out of the water. So why try and get him to do something you know he can't do right now?

Okay so I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this so before I write my concert report I’ll answer this question.

The flag was given to me because where my seat was I had higher visibility than my friend did. She wanted me to get it on the stage to the boys if at all possible.

Now, Harry was my ultimate goal. I just wanted any of the boys to get the flag and hand it to him because Harry was spending almost zero time right in front of me and while Liam and Niall sometimes came in front of us, it was primarily Louis.

I’m not complaining. He’s glorious and his thighs…holy mother of Allen Leech his thighs…

Anyway, Harry is the one most likely to do anything with a rainbow flag given the situation right now. I didn’t expect Louis to do anything with the flag, but I was hoping he could at least catch it, you know? His reaction to the flag was so interesting though…he literally stared at it (I thought I was crazy, but the girl next to us that Mel and I had chatted with through the night confirmed he really did), pursed his lips, and shook his head but the look on his face was one of…I don’t even know how to explain it? Frustration? Disappointment?

Now, because I am always one to consider that I could absolutely be wrong in how I have understood and interpreted the situation I did worry that perhaps I had misread him. I really don’t think this is likely, but it was a thought that did cross my mind. However, later when I had opened up the flag and started waving it proudly because Harry was jogging past us I looked up and saw Louis flashing me a massive smile and a wave. He made eye contact again this time, so I knew he was smiling at me.

The flag wasn’t the issue. I think he thought I was trying to get him specifically to take the flag, which I can see how he could think that. I just wanted the flag on the stage as my friend requested, but I’m good with his acknowledgement of it as well.