The atmosphere is just so bad in Singapore losing our founding father,  Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  Presidents and political leaders from all over the world expressed their condolences to the man who transformed Singapore from a third world to first class nation. Songs on radio become extremely emotional and DJs on air sounded heavy. Television is forever broadcasting LKY’s historical moments with Singapore. His photographs hit all newspaper covers and every pages were summaries of his life printed. Reading the articles on social media alone is enough to make me feel emotional…

The clock seems to have stopped ticking and got re-winded back to 1923. The year he was born.. the schools he studied, how he met the love of his life, survived through World War 2, separated from Malaysia, built up Armed forces and many other big contributions to this small city..

For the next five days, almost all news will be focusing on this true giant of history. It seems like crime rate in Singapore has dropped as all you see and hear, is him.

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