The Dragon Age Series inspired me to find a church where me and my girlfriend can attend where we would be included.
Even after all this time most churches are not welcoming toward anybody in the LGBTQ community.
One day We rode our bikes by this Unity church that had a BIG rainbow
flag and there was another sign that said ALL ARE WELCOME.
Needless to say we took a chance and were literally greeted with hugs
as we entered. We found a very diverse church full of welcoming people.
We made lots of friends and the Unity minister will be officiating our
wedding ceremony in a few months.
Our spiritual needs are met and we truly feel part of something.
I just remembered what Leliana said in DAI and wanted to find a place
where ALL we would be welcomed. I feel blessed we found Unity.

MOD NOTE: No worries Confessor your confession was NOT offensive. :)

People don’t get how hard it is to come out as bisexual

To them it’s just a small change in your identity, a little addition.

But they also don’t get how hard it is to be a closeted bisexual. You can still pretend to be straight. On one side it may be an advantage. But there will be days when you just wanna scream out your feelings, when you wanna take a damn rainbowflag, wander through the streets and kiss a cute person.

In fact, it is hard. Sometimes you feel like you don’t belong anywhere. Too straight for the gay community, too gay for the straight community. You’re kinda lost and there are these gnawing feelings that maybe, probably you should just decide, that one of these attractions isn’t real.

And now imagine having all of this on your mind. Imagine being insecure, lost between two worlds. Imagine the fears every gay person has before coming out. That they may think you’re in love with them. That they won’t accept you. That you will lose someone or that they just won’t get it. That everybody will talk about you. Imagine having all of this on your mind at the same time.

Imagine typing or saying these words with shaking hands and sweaty palms. And now, now imagine people not to react to it, not taking it seriously. It’s not a big deal, they say. They’re right. It is not. And everything is okay when they tell you they still love you no matter what.

But when they just ignore it, it breaks a little piece of your heart. When they say something biphobic it’s an even bigger part. And it hurts. So bad.

Bisexual coming outs are a big deal. Probably not for you but for the person who tells you about their wonderful blooming feelings, it is.


Pride Vienna/Austria <3

Pride Parade Vienna 2016.

Went out
Was proud
March on
under the rainbowflag!

There were SO MANY people! SO MANY! The streets were full, crowded, the music was loud and catchy, people dancing in the streets of vienna.
Cheers, whistles, ‘you go’ ‘carry on’ , people watching and cheering and taking photos. Colourful costumes, Rainbow-flags, Bi-flags, Ace-Flags, all the flags! LGBTQAI+ in union marching all around the whole inner city!
It was beautiful. It was intense, It was colourful.
The whole day, full of rainbows, cheers, love, happiness and P R I D E!

We are proud!

@alexisismorbid, @fezzesanddeductions and @yuu-feels-the-fandom marched with me. Love you guys! <3

Because I liked @officialqueer s idea with queer + other pride flag combos, I tried some (yay insomnia!! also, these are only drafts)

1. Queer Pride - explanation here

2. Bi Queer - Took the bi flag and the pink and the blue, made it pastelish to fit the theme, the middle purples are the lavender from the queer flag
3. Pan Queer - First stripe is from the Queer Flag, the other ones from the pan flag, again pastelish

4. Trans Queer - The stripes are from the flag, made pastelish
5. Non Binary Queer - The middletwo stripes are from the Queer Flag, the uter once from a Non Binary Flag - pastelish

6. Ace Queer - Besides the second one, wich is from the Queer Flag, the stripes are pastlish versions of the ace flag, the last one is still…uagh…i need to make that better
7. Aro Queer - Took the colors of my fav aro flag (I am aro myself) besides the black and made them pastelish

8. Lesbian Queer - These colors are original from the Lesbian Flag, the middle four
9. Gay Queer - This is an expirement (I mean, they all are but like…this one even more)…Rainbowflag in the background, pastelish + Strieps from the Queer flag, as when we combine all the colors we would get white so we don’t need it again

I also thought about an intersex flag, just a yellow brackgound maybe, as the ring on it is also purple? and the darker stripe maybe fixed closer to the actual color? besides that I did not put more thoughts in there - but I’ll do it if requested! I mean, its still just an idea, but putting some colors on is a quick thing (:

- Luca


Bringing rainbowflags to concert is absolutely fine: you’re only showing your support to the lgbtq+ community, which is totally rad, 10/10.
Bringing signs that are in any way sexually harassing or contain any speculation about Harry and Louis’ relationships is NOT okay. As a person who is in the closet, i can tell you that it hurts more than you can imagine when you’re being confronted with the fact that you’re closeted. It even hurts when i have to pretend for a few people, try to imagine having to pretend infront of millions of people.