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anonymous asked:

I find it odd that he kept the sweatshirt so long....I mean, maybe it's just me...but whenever I break up with someone/get dumped, I confiscate their shit within a week. Kinda proves he still had feelings for a long time if you ask me.

agreed. he still has a victoria’s secret PINK sweater i gave him too…and he still wears it. i mean…it’s weird enough that it’s a girl’s hoodie….but the fact that it was mine. not only that…there are white sunglasses i bought for him he still wears and a jim morrison shirt also. i totally threw out everything he bought me or that was his after he wouldn’t respond to my requests to send them back. and i sold whatever i could get money out of which was awesome, cause i got tons of money off a couple things lol. but i mean…..he has had that sweater over 2 years now…and he has been in at least 2 relationships that i know of through those years…. i definitely think he has feeling for me still. so many people have said that to me. even my own family. and the fact that he decided to burn my sweater NOW… this long after….and had to video it…. and post it…. he wants to hurt me. lol like i probably still hurt him by completely moving on when he can’t. poor wittle girl/boy =( hopefully he can heal one day.

Drinking yesterday’s afternoon juice with my boyfriend & my sister! This one had kale, red chard, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, carrot, cilantro, parsley, collards, Chinese broccoli, and blueberries. So delicious! I am completely addicted to juicing…we do it multiple times a day every day. Plus I’ve been eating majority raw/plant based foods so I feel really good right now! ♥