well here is my JohnSprite makeup TEST! just experimenting with things. well I really have no idea what type of thing to use to get the times but I did eyeliner is the thinner one and eyeshadow is the thicker one didn’t know how to put in the purple as shown in the drawings I saw so I just used it as what I use to contour. [i need better eyeliner and my hands need to my less shaky] anyway I’m gonna go get this shit off and watch my face brake out for the next couple days


I had so much fun last night! It was so amazing to see everyone again! I guess you could say I danced my heart away ha. Everything was amazing. Hanna and Dean you have done such a great job with Promstuck I can’t thank you guys enough for what you guys have done for Promstuck and allowing me to help out and be in the flash mob! It’s sad that’s it’s over and I’m even more sad that we wont have anymore flash mob practices anymore. 

[I have more pictures but their on my phone I’ll post it later along with some videos from Promstuck and our last meet up]


2013 Cosplays!

It’s mostly homestuck! I’m so grateful for all the cosplays I finished this year! I’ll continue cosplaying John Egderp Forever! I’m probably Putting away Meulin and Karkat next year :c Gray paint.. doesn’t like me.  Bye 2013 it’s now onward anf forward for 2014 with more cosplays to do and continue reusing! 

Gamzee and Kurloz 


Heres RainbowCatSam’s Phoenix Comicon line-up!!~

Friday: Blake Belladonna From RWBY.  [Picture is not up to date] {ehh still got a lot to finish for her}

Saturday Morning: God Tier John Egbert. [Picture isn’t updated]  I have updated this cosplay with a new Wig & New pants & A new version glasses {funny thing the glasses used for John are my real glasses for distance seeing C: yay} I’ll be in the Fruity Rumpus Ask Panel in room 232 BC at 1:30 to 2:30 P.M. I’ll also still be in this cosplay for the homestuck photoshoot.

Saturday Afternoon:  Promstuck John. [ Picture isn’t up to date. Cause Styled wig] I’ll be in the Promstuck: Social of the Sweep panel at 6 to 7 P.m. in room North 226 ABC. Along with the Promstuck Meetup at 7 p.m

Sunday: Trickster Dirk!!! [Picture IS TOTALLY NOT UP TO DATE] I fixed up the Wig & Can & Bow & Shoes. I’ll be hosting the Engage Trickster Mode panel at 12 pm to 1 pm in room North 226 ABC.

only a few more days I can’t wait to see everyone again!! c:

PLEASEE come say hello and give hugs and take pictures and stuff  I LOVEE meeting new people and such.


2013.. I don’t want to say goodbye but it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. This year I got better so much better I’m no the way I use to be I moved on and became a better more healthier person. I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made this year. For all the fun shenanigans I’ve done through out the year. I’ve started cosplaying again! It’s so amazing to be back an look forward to the next day that’s planed with so much fun! I gains so much confidence! There was a couple times I almost gave up. It’s was difficult when you have your mother talking crap about you cosplaying and such. But I learned no matter who it is and no matter what they say just do thing that make you happy, it’s your life and make it the best experience. You only have one life don’t wasting on something that’s not worth it.

My Saboten Con 2k14 line up! I’m only going Sat,Sun,Mon.

Saturday: Usagimodoki From dmmd [Noiz Allmate]!

Sunday Morning: JohnSprite From Homestuck. Cosplaying from the time I get to the con until 3pm. 

Sunday afternoon: God Tier John Egbert [Will be in fruity Rumpus ask panel at 5pm] 

Monday: Hinata Shouyou From Haikyuu!! 

Extra: If I get the chance. on Saturday I’ll cosplay Blake Belladonna.

I really hope nothing else changes I mean I’d love to take on more panels and cosplay groups but it’s such a pain changing in and out of cosplays. [Trying to push everything to Sabo cause I’m only going one day at Taiyou and idk about any other con’s maybe I’ll go to the one in flagstaff..]