Pirate Dash: “Me Bookworm…”

“I don’t know about no paradox…”

“But I do see me…”

“… A Pair-a-derps! Yar Har Har!”

Bookworm: “Ugh~" 

((Mod: 5th image is an animated gif! You might have to click it to get it to work.

That’s right. All of that. Just so I could make that terrible, terrible pun!  I’ve been stewing over this little crossover strip since the deadpirate shipping contest from a few years months back. Hopefully it was worth a laugh! ^_^ It was a ton of fun to make! Everyone, if your not following askpiratedash, then get out from under your rock and get a'following! And thanks for letting me do this TJ!

We’ll get back to the story of the Mod starving Derpy next update! ^_^;))