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1D is the softest band. They are a band of itty bitty babies who cuddle each other and give each other tiny kisses and lots of hugs and make fun of each other while burying their faces in the other’s shirt so they know they aren’t actually bein mean and they care about each other so much I can’t believe. I CAN’T BELIEVE!!! i can’t freickkn belibe these soft babies plz i NEED to love them for as long as i live!!!!!!!

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unnie !!! i have a few questions!! 1) who did that adlib thingy during the second chorus of a lie? 2) was baro the one who did the first few seconds of choo choo train? 3) was it true that bipo was the first idol group to trend even before debut? 4) how can you tell if bipo members are tired? like, do they move less? or do they use their face less? THAT IS ALL UNNIE !!! thank you so much, i'm so sorry for all the questions !!! wahh i'm so thankful for your blog, you are my favorite <3

No need to say sorry for the questions~ I don’t mind! ☺️ And thanks for liking my blog!! 💕 💕

  1. Are you referring to the falsetto ‘ooooh~’ that occurs after Jinyoung sings his lines (’a lie’ x2) and Sandeul begins his part of the chorus? That’s Jinyoung! (His falsetto’s KILL ME they’re always so good!)
  2. Yes, Baro is the one ‘talking’ in the first few seconds of ‘Choo Choo Train’
  3. Hmm… I wouldn’t say they legitimately ‘trended’ before their debut, but their pre-debut teasers were different and very unique, which may have set them a little apart compared to the other rookies debuting at that time. They actually released comic-book (more manga or manhwa styled) for each member telling a story that related to their personalities, character, and hobbies. Also, there was a girl that was in all the comics so at the time people thought B1A4 was actually going to be a co-ed group! So, that too set them apart a little bit.
  4. One thing when they’re tired is that they ALL get quieter. Specifically, Gongchan gets very quiet and will just zone out and not participate. CNU is similar– he won’t quite look like he’s zoning out, but he’ll just sit there in silence. Sandeul I think is the easiest to tell physically when he’s tired. His face looks solemn and his eyes get droopy with dark circles. He also talks less and isn’t the same energetic duck~ Jinyoung usually get’s a little salty when he’s tired lol, almost like he’s a little annoyed or grumpy. Baro to me is the one who looks the least different when he’s tired, either that or he’s just the best at hiding it~

⭐ Happy 9th Anniversary SHINee! 25/05/08-25/05/17 ⭐

Thank you for all the laughter, fun and dorky sassiness all these years! Here are just several of my favourite moments of ot5 snarking each other up! To many more years of joy, amazing music and being the closest family :’)