Fragments - Part 9

Word Count: 5766

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence 

A/N: Unbeta’d. Any mistakes are mine.

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Sam was normally the first one up every day, but today Dean and you were in the kitchen at the table way before Sam. Dean was playing Words With Friends with Mary while you were infatuated with sending snaps to Donna. “Dean!” You grabbed Dean and pulled him over, holding your phone out to take a selfie. “Flower crowns! Strike a pose!”

“Y/N.” Dean groaned but posed with you anyway. He secretly loved it, not that he’d ever admit it. “How did you even find out about Snapchat?”

“Donna downloaded it for me.”

“Remind me to kill her next time we see her.”

“Sure thing. Except you love it.” You smiled and batted your eyelashes. “Don’t think I haven’t seen you checking yourself out in the filters on my phone. You make an excellent duck face by the way.”

“Shut up.” Dean abruptly turned back to his game and laughed, sending a message to Mary. You peered over his shoulder, seeing that he played the word twerking.

“How are you gonna play a word that didn’t even exist when she was alive? That’s cheating.”

“It’s in the dictionary.” Dean shrugged. You scoffed and went back to playing with Snapchat filters, moving on from the flower crown to the puppy face.

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so this happened when i was in sixth grade, i think. in my math class, there was this one kid that no one really liked, and he always wore this weird rainbow shock clown wig thing. and one day, as we were getting ready to go to our next class, he just. stripped EVERYTHING off and put that wig on his dick and started peeing on some girl's homework. and he didn't even get in trouble. i shit you not

okay I’m hesitant to publish this because

w h a t    t h e    f u c k  ?

And my rewatch grinds on through s12. There’s a scene in 12.07 that in hindsight seems only to point out a small-scale version of the events of 12.15. In the car on the way to LA, Sam is listening to something on his earbuds:

Dean: You…What are you listenin’ to?
Sam: Uh, podcast. Why?
Dean: All right, well… I need something to keep me awake, so crank it up.
Sam: I mean, it’s a history podcast. [Clears throat]
Dean: Well, I like history, you know? Gladiators and outlaws, pirates. Hell, we’re driving a piece of history right here.
Sam: N-not that kind of history. This is a, uh… [Clears throat] it’s a podcast on the history of the Protestant Reformation. A multipart exploration of each of Martin Luther’s 95 theses.
Dean: Oh.
Sam: Yeah, that’s what I thought. [Clears throat]
Dean unplugs his earphones to hear “The Bloody Messiah”
Dean: Ohh, Sam.
Sam: Dude.
Dean: Hair rock? Really?
Sam: It’s not hair –
Dean: Come on.
Sam: It’s not hair rock, Dean. It’s hard rock. It’s legitimate hard rock.
Dean: [Chuckles] Wow.
Sam: Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Dean: Yeah, or a dude by his, uh, rainbow wig and leopard prints.
Sam: Rainbow wig? What? You know what? I’m done apologizing. Lucifer possessed Vince Vincente. This is Vince Vincente’s music, so listening to it is research.
Dean: No. No.
Sam: As a matter of fact… [Raises volume] Study up, Dean.
Dean: No, no. No. I don’t wanna listen to it.
Sam: You like it.
Dean: No. No. No, no. No. Turn it off.
Sam: It’ll grow on ya.

EXACTLY like in 12.15, but on a much less dangerous scale.

Dean’s rambling on about a past case (the one from 2.18), and the fakeness of LA in general. He KNOWS Sam is not telling him the truth, so he pushes and nudges. And then he pulls out the earbuds and is proven right.

Sam tries to justify listening to Bloody Messiah, first on its own merits (which Dean shoots down), then as “research” (which Dean also shoots down), and then overrides Dean entirely, turning up the music even when Dean asks to turn it off, insisting “It’ll grow on ya.”

Sam is acting weird, Sam lies about the reasons for acting weird, Dean still knows Sam is lying, and he’s not dumb and he knows WHY Sam is acting weird.

Just, in the context of the lie Dean uncovered in 12.15, “It’ll grow on ya,” is not a stand Dean can let slide.


What have Sam and Dean noticed about Vince Vincente respectively?

It really seems like Sam has noticed his music.

Dean has noticed his butt, his crotch, his leopard prints and his rainbow wig.

Also - Sam, a fan of Vince Vincente’s, doesn’t remember a rainbow wig. Which is something that kinda catches people’s attention if someone wears it. So it’s possible that Dean’s mind has constructed that memory. You know, constructing memories of rainbow wigs on men wearing spiked codpieces, as a straight man’s mind does.

I want to add a little footnote. Dean has obviously strong feelings about Vince Vincente. He is not neutral about him. Earlier, in 12x04, when Sam is like “the rockstar?” Dean replies, “The douchebag!”. He is very vocal about his disdain for Vince’s on-stage persona.


a) Dean has a thing for hot rock stars. Especially if they have a very sexually-charged on-stage persona (spiked codpiece, leopard prints, not exactly demure clothing). His crush for Vince came in a very inappropriate time of his life. He needed to be John’s perfect son, damn that stupid guy with his stupid butt and his stupid sexy guitar, right? Ugh what a douchebag with his over-the-top outfits and all…

b) Dean felt betrayed by Vince. Now this is all speculation because we don’t know Vince’s sexuality; he might have been bisexual, but all we know is that he had a female partner and possibly several female lovers. It’s possible that either he was straight, or he wasn’t publicly known as queer anyway. Either way, young Dean sees this highly queer-coded guy, but the guy is straight (for real, or in Dean’s eyes).

“Don’t judge a book by his cover.” “Or a dude by his rainbow wig and leopard prints!”. Could this be interpreted, under the surface layer of “c’mon Dean he was over-the-top in his appearance but was an okay musician!” “No way”, as, “this douchebag used to dress and act like a queer person, but apparently you can’t judge a book by his cover - it was just a stage persona and the guy was just ‘queerbaiting’!”.

Let’s compare Vince Vincente with another character that has a very similar narrative to his - Gunner Lawless. Men past their prime, once famous and beloved artists in their fields, now aging and nearly forgotten, who make a deal with a demon and the devil respectively out of loneliness and desperation… Dean idolizes Gunner even after so many years; and what do we know about Gunner? That, when faced with a smitten male fan, he flirts back.

In an episode about rock stars, Dean doesn’t mention liking rock stars. He mentions liking gladiators, outlaws and pirates. *looks into the camera*

Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 5

Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.9k


Part 4 <<< >>> Part 6

The moment Kevin dropped his sandwich and stayed still with his jaw hanging open, all the others knew there was something going on.

“Kev?” Betty inquired with her usual gentle voice, putting down her coke can.

“I knew I’d seen her before!” He exclaimed, looking at each of his friends like he has had this epiphany and waiting for a reaction. They were twenty minutes into their lunch and it came completely out of nowhere so he didn’t get anything but confused frowns. “The new girl!”

“Iris, her name’s Iris,” Veronica said and everyone nodded.

“Did you meet her in town this summer?” Betty asked, drawing Kevin’s attention back to her.

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🌈Pastel Rainbow Vibes 🌈
Outfit Breakdown:

Wig: Toxic Unicorn by @dream-holicwigland
Jacket: @storedogdog
Top: @harajukuhaul
Skirt: @storedogdog
Socks: @chrissyskneesocks
Fuzzy 2-way clip & Shoot Star clip: @strawberryserenade
Holo Star Pins: @strawberryserenade
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In the subject of cardboard cutouts, my ap European history teacher has a full cardboard cutout of Putin. I think it has a rainbow wig on rn. There's also a cutout of just Putin's head above the whiteboard. This teacher is so awesome though, he shows us snl skits and you can pass his class even if you don't do half the work.


A Rainbow Of Drag Queen Hair Colors as requested by anon

“Master, are you okay!?” exclaimed a concerned Saber, manifesting her armor and already gripping her invisible sword, standing in front of Shirou to protect him. “Where are we…? This is a Reality Marble! Stay close, Master!”

“Ugh… What happened…?” coughed a disoriented Shirou, finally coming to his senses. “All I remember is getting close to that tiny car and–”

“Welcome!” a bombastic voice interrupted, cutting through the atmosphere with the elegance of a jagged, rusty knife. “You seem perplexed. Allow me to make the proper introductions!”

Two silhouettes stood in the middle of what seemed to be a grand stage. The one who spoke was the figure to the left, a man with a jolly stride and a posh gait. “Allow me to give you the proper felicitations for having made it safely and responsibly, not to mention elegantly, hmhm, to your shallow graves! Speaking to you, live, directly from the stage, is none other than Dreamy Drimo Drimito, hedonist extraordinaire, and now, you shall meet what they usually refer to as “doom” in them cheesy monologues you and I are used to! My Servant, my partner, my friend, the one and only! Caster-class! Joseph Grimaldi!

As the man marinated in hyperbole points towards his associate, the spotlights turn on and focus on the as of yet unseen silhouette, finally revealing the Clown Master’s Servant: Two massive horns, a lithe silhouette, and a disposition as fierce as one belonging to an ill, shy puppy. It’s Tiamat dressed as a clown, full with make up, big red nose, rainbow afro wig, huge, red, ill-fitting overalls, and shoes as massive as her horns.

It’s very clearly Tiamat in a clown get-up.

“Now, Caster-class Joseph Grimaldi, any last words for your opponents before you vaporize them from the atmosphere with a pinpoint pie?”


“…Now, what is it, Caster-class Joseph Grimaldi? Didn’t we discuss this already? This is the point where you tell them that hilarious joke we discussed, make the murder pun at the end, and then we kill them.”


“Oh, come on, we already went over this! It’s for ambiance, Tiam–Joseph! We can’t do squat if we don’t have the right atmosphere going, you know? We finally managed to snag some scrubs into this stupid clown car, the least you could do is cooperate with me here!”


“Okay, okay, maybe the get up is overkill, but come on! You also overkilled my walls whenever you tried to go from room to room with those battering rams hanging from your head! The least you could do is humor me with this! It’s been my dream since I was but a wee lad!”




“Take that back.”


“Oh, that’s it, missy, now you’ve done it.”

Tensions high and fervor heated, Drimo lunged at Caster-class Joseph Grimaldi with a rubber chicken, which she countered by using her Squirting Flower to hit his eyes before using a hand shock buzzer to electrocute him. The two proceeded to have an awkward, if intense clown fight while Shirou and Saber quietly and politely saw themselves out of the Reality Marble Clown Car, leaving to do more productive things like checking out lion plushies or having threesomes in a forest.

Knowing You

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Kyungsoo AU

The warmest people are sometimes the saddest, those with the biggest smiles feel the smallest, little do you know that it is those who are cracked that let the light in.

Happy Reading Hornies!


You laid there in the sheets, feeling the coldness that accompanied the other side of the bed.  It seeped into your bones, holding you there as memories flashed through your brain.

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