Pride flower wreath!!

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Imagine headless!Flug having some kind of break down or something and his smoke kinda just starts changing all these different colors as a result of his emotions.

the moment i read “break down” the first thing that came to mind was some kind of murky/muddy brown and its icky and gross 

then i realized thats kind of what color your water turns into after mixing all the colors of your watercolor rainbow palette haha

Korean Words for the Signs

Some of my favorite Korean words ♡

Aries: 반짝 (banjjak) 


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Taurus: 행복 (haengbok)


Gemini: 무지개 (mujigae) 


Cancer: 수채화 (suchaehwa)


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Leo: 햇빛 (haebit)


Virgo: 제어 (jeheo)


Libra: 특별한 (teukbyeolhan) 


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Scorpio: 미래 (mirae)

“the future.”

Sagittarius: 미소 (miso)


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Capricorn: 영원히 (yeongweonhi)


Aquarius: 은하 (eunha)


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Pisces: 요정 (yojeong)