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Crystals And Gemstones Huge Post

Abalone: Abalone is actually the shell of a type of marine snail and not a stone. Abalone is carried for inspiration, particularly in writing poetry and in creating art. Carrying this stone will give you ideas for stories, writing rituals and creating your own spells. Because abalone has all of the colors of the rainbow, meditation with this shell will help you bring your charkas back into balance. Good for banishing all negativity including sadness, anger or fear and allows you to move past these emotions and on with your life.

Agate: stone of truth and an emotional healer. Banishing jealousy, courage, fertility, gardening, happiness, health, intelligence, physical energy, protection of children, strength, well-being.

Agate, Banded: Carried to relieve stress. Banded agate will also relieve sadness and other emotional pain.

Agate, Blue Lace:  Blue is the color of peace and calm. The color of blue lace agate is where it derives its metaphysical properties. This stone calms its owner, allowing you to release tension and stress. This stone is especially good for calming children. Good for people who are sensitive to other’s emotions. Calms violence in people. This stone can also represent water and the smoothness helps both women and men to be more comfortable with their feminine side. This stone helps in speaking clearly and can be used for stuttering and also allowing you to say what you wish clearly and understandably when you cannot find the right words. For headache, place this stone on your third eye, visualizing the stone drawing out the pain. This stone will also bring a soothing, healing sleep when placed under your pillow at night.

Agate, Crazy Lace: Allows you to remain centered and focused.

Agate, Dendritic: (milky white with blue/black spots) Dendritic agate allows for protection and safe travel.

Agate, Fern: Fern agate helps close wounds and can act as a spiritual and physical cleanser. Stimulates and strengthens the body. The feel of the stone is good for soothing children after minor accidents.

Agate, Fossil: Fossil agate can contain many types of fossils, mainly shells. This stone will help prevent a person from abusing their own power and will endow the wearer with a sense of humility. For use in battle (both verbal, physical, and mental) it helps the wearer learn to defend themselves rather than attack others.

Agate, Indian: (has an eye formation in the center of the stone) This stone can be used for protection of the physical body and can aid in survival.

Agate, Moss: Because moss agate allows the bearer to get in touch with nature, it is especially useful for Pagans. The most profound teaching of this stone is that of plants. It can also stimulate the healing of wounds and help stimulate and strengthen the body.

Agate, Plume: (Milky with fiery red plumes inside) Plume agate is good for help in meditation and in spells and rituals as it helps visualization and allows the wearer to reach their goals. Good for visualization practice and reaching desired goals. For these reasons, it is helpful to use plume agate in all types of magickal working.

Agate, Sardonyx:  This stone helps to absorb negative energy from around you.  Place it in a room to absorb the negative emotions of others or use it with other stones to clean other stones and tools, especially after someone else has accidentally touched them.

Agate, Tree: This stone, like moss agate and fern agate can stimulate wounds to heal and acts as a physical strengthener and stimulant. In particular, this stone allows the wearer to see themselves and the world as it really is, not as the wearer would like it to be. Gives clarity to the way one sees the universe.

Ajoite: Helps to align you with the universal spirit. This stone is extremely rare and very expensive if you are able to find it.

Alabaster: (A soft, white, semi-transparent stone) Alabaster, because of its color is Used to symbolize purity in all aspects. The whiter the stone the better. This stone brings the wearer a feeling of calm and of peace. Use it to tame stress, fights, and arguments. This stone is particularly good for protecting children and can be worn on a necklace or bracelet.

Alexandrite: Alexandrite is a centering stone. Use this stone for stress or in other situations requiring you to be calm. This stone will allow you to become centered and balanced and will bring together the important aspects of your life. For healing, use this stone for the brain and central nervous system. It can also help when in a rut for it provides higher self-esteem and gives a feeling of purpose. In conjunction, it will help you achieve your goals. 

Amazonite: Amazonite is one of the favorite stones of fairies. Leaving this stone around your home or in your garden will attract fairies and other nature spirits to your home. You will develop your awareness for seeing nature and animal spirits. Some magickal properties of the stone involve emotion and the mind. Amazonite improves one’s self worth because it will help you to be honest with yourself. Because of this property, it allows one to cope with changes in their life. Placing the stone on your third eye during meditation will help with clairvoyance, empathy and telepathy skills. I have heard that it helps one to find the strength to speak from their heart and the wisdom to stay silent when you should.  This stone also helps you to develop your creativity, whether it be artistic, poetic, or crafty. This is a good stone for craftsperson’s to wear.   A calming stone, Amazonite relieves stress and will calm the nerves. It can be used in more tense situations to relieve mood swings, PMS, emotional disruption, and irrational behavior. A good stone for someone with a bad temper. I have also read that “Placing the stones on the soles of your feet can  increase your connection with the earth and draw in energy.”

Amber: Amber is the most powerful and magickal of all stones because it is “drawn from the blood of life itself”. Truly, it is fossilized tree resin and not technically a stone. This fossil can sometimes be found to contain bits of plant and insect material. Because of its power, it is often called the “witches’ stone”. It is useful in every type of magick. Amber has properties which draw money so keep it with your bills or in a box with a little money to keep the cash flow coming. Wearing amber will allow you to release heavy burdens and will protect children. Use in any spell along with other stones as a spell strengthener. Both the stone and oil of amber are useful in healing ailments of the chest and the throat. It will also help with anxiety and indecisiveness. Wear amber for happiness, joy, and releasing stress.

Amethyst: Amethyst is also a popular witches’ stone. Amethyst deals with powers of the mind and the intellect. It is the color of the second chakra, located at the third eye. Wearing amethyst around your neck will allow you to communicate with others more effectively. It can be set upon the stomach or the liver for problems with each. Amethyst strengthens intuition and can help with clairvoyance and telepathy. For nightmares or headaches, place the stone under your pillow when you lay down to rest. It will also stop bad behavior or bad habits. This stone repels negativity. Wear it when you are uncomfortable with people around you. Placing this stone in a room will attract negativity and send out healing, peaceful vibrations. Leaving amethyst in a living area or in a place of business will attract good guests and buyers and make them more comfortable in your establishment. This stone will protect from curses and all negative energy. Amethyst was given its name after a woman named Amethyst in ancient legend. Amethyst is said to have properties which protect against over consumption of alcohol.

Amethyst, Cape: Cape amethyst is a good treatment for arthritis. Buy strings of cape amethyst beads and wrap them around problem joints for relief. To cleanse energy blockages, use a small sphere of cape amethyst on acupressure points for a few minutes. This stone helps with inner alignment and is used to balance your spirit and your emotions. Carry for increased energy.

Amethyst, Chevron: This stone is protective and is good to carry when going on long journeys. Carry chevron amethyst to help acquire knowledge for stone healing. Like regular amethyst, this stone turns away negativity.

Ametrine: This stone helps you in your quest for spirituality. If you are in a religious rut, this stone will help bring you out. It also helps turn away prejudices. Wear to protect yourself against others’ prejudices against you.

Angelite: Angelite got its name for its ability to attract angels. Wear when you wish to communicate with your guardian angel. This stone also produces a powerful protective shield around it. Wear this stone when you need extra protection.

Apache Tears: See OBSIDIAN.

Apatite: Apatite is the stone of communication. It will clear up misunderstandings and will help to fight viruses. A stone of release, apatite will help to lift the weight of grief and burdens from your shoulders. It will also allow the wearer to appreciate life and the beauties of life and the universe.

Aquamarine:  Aquamarine is a relatively low-priced stone and can be found in all types of jewelry. Wear this stone during an argument or during difficulties with family members. It will allow you to see things from another’s viewpoint and respect their opinion. This stone also helps with grief. It will relieve all types of stress and tension and will calm the nerves. For extreme grief, it brings release through tears and will block negative energy. Use aquamarine to get through negative memories and emotions. Aquamarine is a good stone for children and for those who live around water as it will protect the wearer from drowning. This stone increases spirituality and clairvoyance and its mind uplifting properties help you stay in control, give you courage, and allow you to stay focused on problems and other important situations. Because it helps with clairvoyance it is good to wear during divination. In all senses, it makes the mind more alert.

Aragonite: Use aragonite to amplify your powers. These can be used for spells or prayer and can be added to charms for an extra boost. This stone brings its bearer confidence.

Aventurine, Blue: Good circulation and overall health. Use to lift spirits when you are feeling down. “A happy stone.” It may also be noted that this stone has been known to help clear up congestion.

Aventurine, Green: (sometimes called Indian Jade) This stone is wonderful for promoting physical healing. Wear this stone on the area of the body that is to be mended. It will also help with healing the entire body during sickness or trauma. Use an emerald and/or frosted quartz along with this stone for intense illness. If you are lucky to have a piece of transparent aventurine, it is quite powerful. Take heed, however, as it needs washing daily. Run under clean well water and lay flat to dry. This stone is good luck and helps you to succeed. Aside from being an intense fertility stone, green aventurine is a favorite stone of fairies. Offer this stone as a gift for their services or leave them in your garden to attract the fairy spirits.

Azeztulite: Azeztulite is a powerful psychic stone. This stone helps you develop your spirituality and your inner vision. It is a stone of clarity and light. Use Azeztulite during meditation, astral travel and shamanic journey. This stone will protect you as you travel between the worlds, a time when we are most vulnerable. This stone helps you to see and accept what you find within yourself during astral travel.

Azurite: Azurite is commonly used as a psychic stone. It can amplify power for magickal workings and should be used with malachite as they are found growing together naturally and will enhance the other’s powers. Azurite will also help you locate psychic blocks and will help you to get past outgrown beliefs and behavior patterns. Use this stone for fear. It will transform your fears of the unknown into a deeper understanding, allowing you to examine them and overcome them.

Beryl: Beryl is an extremely powerful psychic stone. Magicians will tell you that beryl is the best stone for fashioning a crystal ball. It can also be used to create a polished mirror which will reveal the secrets of others. When beginning something new, wear beryl to increase your energy and help you see your project through to the end. This stone is a good psychic stone and will also help to strengthen the wit. Students will find this stone useful as holding or wearing beryl while studying or reading will allow the bearer to remember what they read.

Bloodstone: (very dark green with red or orange spots or bands) Bloodstone is the stone of healing. There is no better stone to use to heal the physical body. Bloodstone is a type of jasper and is often called HELIOTROPE AND EMATILLE. This stone will heal internally and externally upon contact with the skin as well as remove mental blocks. This stone will protect you from taking on negativity when healing another person. Bloodstone attracts money, gives protection to pregnant women and will help you to avoid physical wounds. A “cloaking” stone, wearing bloodstone will prevent others from noticing you, especially in a crowd. I have also heard that using this stone along with the herb HELIOTROPE will make the owner invisible. For these reasons, bloodstone can help make you feel more confident as it brings courage and strength of mind. This will allow you to take control in life and make you successful in your endeavours. Good for athletes and gamblers. Bloodstone is dark green with red flecks inside. I have heard that when the energy held in a bloodstone is used up, the red flecks will turn white. When this happens, the stone should be blessed and returned to the earth. Bloodstone can be used to help with lower back pain and blood disorders. Use it regularly to cleanse the system and help with overall health. By placing the stone into well water under the light of the sun, it will channel the energy of the God and brew a powerful potion. It has also been said that you will see the future in dreams if you should place a bloodstone beneath your pillow before going to bed.

Bronzite: This stone allows you to think ahead and take control of your actions to follow through with your ideals and decisions.

Calcite, Clear: also known as ICELAND SPAR. This stone helps the wearer to overcome problems and can help you gain anything good in spellwork such as love or money.

Calcite, Gold: Gold calcite is used to cure negative emotions such as grief, anger, and depression.

Calcite, Green:  Green calcite is used primarily as a healing stone, specifically for the stomach and digestive system.

Calcite, Orange: Orange calcite is used in conjunction with the inner self. Wearing this stone will help you with spontaneity and with creativity. This stone is good for adults as it helps you find your inner child and allows you to have fun and enjoy all life without any inhibitions. This stone will make people comfortable with one another and can be used in the circle during coven work as it will bring the different energies of all participants into harmony.

Carnelian: Carnelian is a type of agate that is brilliant red in color with no other inclusions. This balancing stone will help with creativity and all processes of the mind. Because it stimulates action, businessmen will find it useful to stimulate success. It will also give a welcome boost to spellwork. For medical properties, carnelian will help with allergies, endometriosis, pelvic disorders, sciatica, problems with the reproductive system, and PMS. Pregnant woman can carry the stone as a charm against miscarriage and to bring about a quick and easy birth. Carry the carnelian to prevent others from scanning your thoughts. On the astral plane, carnelian can help the wearer to pass between this world and astral plane by allowing the astral and the physical body to separate. Place this stone beneath your pillow for vivid dreams while on the astral plane. Carnelian’s color makes it a stone of passion and great energy. Use for love spells and rituals. It will also help to reduce shyness.

Cat’s Eye: (comes in all colors) Cat’s eye helps improve telepathic abilities and strengthen intuition. Shy, unconfident people will find this stone useful in helping them appreciate themselves and promote inner strength and beauty.

Cerrusite: Cerrusite allows the wearer to overcome barriers. Use this stone to strengthen powers of the mind such as memory and concentration. A wonderful stone to use while studying.

Chalcopyrite: (peacock ore) I have heard that this beautiful stone can be used to make rain and harness the power of storms. Due to these properties, it is also good for energy and will help athletes with overall health.

Charoite: (May be plain purple or purple with black polka dots.) This stone repels negative energies and can transform it into good energy. use it to turn your luck around or rid yourself of bad dreams. For the mind, it can help with memory and will allow you to recall your past lives more clearly. For the shy, it provides a source of courage and spirituality and will allow you to accept others.

Chrysocolla: This stone should be used for anyone who is distressed. It will help with stress, fear, sadness, guilt, hopelessness, despair and depression. For a person who needs help recovering from an addiction or any type of trauma, physical or mental. Use chrysocolla for other mood enhancement such as PMS and mood swings. Women will find this stone useful for fending off cramps in the stomach and to help with an easy childbirth. Also good for amplifying power during prayer.

Chrysolite: Chrysolite can be used to attract desires such as wealth, popularity, and fame. At the same time it can help you balance your soul and keep you from becoming greedy. Use chrysolite to get rid of bad dreams. It will turn away negativity and negative feelings and destroy spells cast against you.

Chrysoprase: A love stone. Chrysoprase will attract friends, love, nature spirits, spirit guides, and animals. It will also draw strength and determination from deep within you and allow you to speak with eloquence. Carry this stone in a specially prepared charm bag to allow you to speak with the dragons of the earth. Good for use in legal matters.

Citrine: Citrine, like bloodstone, is a powerful, uplifting healing stone. This stone helps with health in general, bringing the chakras into alignment. Specifically, it heals the muscles, heart, stomach and kidneys and will prevent blood problems. I have heard that this stone can heal gangrene as well. Besides health, this stone brings upliftment for the soul and battles depression, sorrow, grief, weakness, obesity, and guilt. Citirine will also purify any area in which it is placed. Keep a nice piece wherever you perform your rituals. Laying a strand of citrine along the spine or around the neck will help bring the chakras and the body back into balance.

Coral: The deeper the color of this stone, the better the results of your magick. Coral can be used for passion spells because of its color and is also used for fertility. This stone can reveal the secrets of others. Battles doubt and fear and offers protection from the weather and from others’ spells. This stone is also especially good for protecting children.

Cuprite: (Copper Pyrite) This stone is associated with darkness, silence and solitude. Self discovery. This stone is good to use during meditation and soul-searching as it prevents you from lying to yourself.

Desert Rose: (Gypsum) This form of gypsum is created in deserts and on beaches when lightning strikes the sand and instantly melts it. Desert rose is extremely powerful and must be used with extreme caution. It can bring energy to any spell and will bring the bearer confidence. Beware, however, for overuse of this stone can bring headache and other problems.

Diamond: Diamond is the stone of clarity and purity. This stone can strengthen and give its wearer confidence as well as provide wisdom. This stone can be used to obtain power and fame. Diamond is also known to turn away negative thoughts and spells. This stone is best used when coupled with iron or other stones containing iron such as lodestones (natural magnets), pyrite, hematite, or pure iron.

Dioptase: Dioptase is a spiritual stone allowing for spiritual growth, soul-searching, forgiveness, and self-worth. Use this stone during meditation. It can help the user solve problems or past experiences.

Dumortierite: Protects against another’s curses. This stone is a powerful deflector of all negative energy and brings about justice. This stone can cause strange coincidences and can sometimes bring about chaos. The stone of Karma. Dumortierite is good for artists and writers as it inspires and lends creativity to the wearer. Opens the mind to other ideas and possibilities.

Ematille: see BLOODSTONE.

Emerald: The birthstone of May. Emerald is associated with all aspects of healing, both emotional and physical. Emerald is said to protect the love of two people and will fade or crack if one is disloyal to the other. Because it is a stone of love, it can encourage love and passion. Wear emerald for healing after physical or emotional trauma such as abuse or rape. An earthy stone, emerald helps the wearer to gain wisdom, protection, creativity, friendship, energy, strength, long life, good fortune, and happiness. Emerald is very strong for physical healing and should be worn close to the skin or around the neck for this purpose.

Falcon’s Eye: (or blue tiger eye) allows you to regain control of a situation

Feldspar: Feldspar is used to develop all psychic powers including clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and telekinetic powers. Use during meditation or during any psychic activity or exercise.

Flint: Flint is used for banishing spells and rituals, particularly to rid yoourself of fear, spells against you, and thoughts and emotions which tie you to negativity in your past.

Fluorite, Green: Fluorite is useful for women as it helps to balance the hormones. This is particularly useful during changes in life such as puberty, PMS and menopause. Men can also wear green fluorite for hormone balance. This stone helps to cleanse the body of negativity and can be used in a room or other place for the same purpose.

Fluorite, Purple Rainbow: This type of fluorite helps to facilitate change. Use this stone to rid yourself of bad habits or to get out of a rut. A stone of the mind, it gives the wearer a stronger intellect and provides a source of creativity and originality. Discernment. Helps the wearer to distinguish truth from lies. Keeps the wearer from becoming afraid of failure or judgment of others. Because it is such a powerful stone of the mind, Purple rainbow fluorite will help the wearer read into the Akashic Records and allow you to see into your past life. Wear this stone on your third eye to see with your inner mind. Use this stone while studying to allow you to obtain more information. Protection.

Fool’s Gold: See PYRITE.

Galena: The stone of self. This stone grants the wearer, confidence. Galena is know for its use in balancing and strengthening one’s energy. For healing purposes, galena can be used for the lungs, circulatory system, and the heart.

Garnet: For its color, garnet is known as the stone of passion. Use garnet for spells of love, sex or passion. It is also good for attracting money toward you. Wear on your receiving hand for wealth. Garnet brings prosperity, courage, abundance, fertility, love, health, fidelity, and happiness. This stone will help the wearer to control anger. Garnet has long been known as the favorite stone of the dragons. Use when invoking dragons or performing dragon magick. Garnet allows the user to tune into high levels of power, so take heed when using this stone. Fire.

Geodes: Because of its shape, geodes can be used to amplify and direct power where you want it. This stone is symbolic of dance, wishes, the circle of life, and of the earth itself. Use this stone when casting spells to obtain wishes. For the practiced witch, this stone can be used for scrying and will grand the user confidence and wisdom.

Heliotrope: see BLOODSTONE.

Hematite: A stone of the mind. Hematite can be made into and worn as a ring, but it is a weak stone and will easily break. This stone will help to heighten a person’s mental capabilities and is useful for thought and studying. A pen of hematite would be wonderful for writing in a book of shadows.

Howlite: A stone of emotion. Howlite can be used to deal with stress, anger, depression, and emotional pain.

Iolite: Iolite is a stone of finding. Wearing or carrying Iolite will prevent its bearer from becoming lost. This stone can be worn in a ring or other piece of jewelry to bring happiness to the wearer and joy in life.

Jade: Jade has long been revered in the Orient as a stone of relaxation and rest. The smooth surface is soothing and can be used for stress or anger. Place this stone on the shoulders or on the back to help with sore muscles or tension. When worn against the skin, jade will, over time, take on a darker color. The Chinese wear jade carved into a pendant around their neck for good luck. This design is often a flat, round donut, sometimes with a golden symbol at the center. This stone can come in many colors.

Jasper, Brown: Brown jasper is especially useful for grounding and can aid in stability.

Jasper, Green: healing

Jasper, Leopardskin: Use leopardskin jasper in conjuring spells to attract what you need to you. One strange little side note: this stone will always bring you what you need, but not always what you want.

Jasper, Picture: Carry picture jasper to increase your awareness and love of the earth and nature. This stone is also useful in surfacing problems.

Jasper, Poppy: A happy stone. Wear or carry poppy jasper to lift your spirits. This stone will also help you to become more optimistic.

Jasper, Red: Red jasper will protect its wearer at night and will turn away negative magick and energy. Use this stone to protect you against another’s spells.

Jasper, Yellow: Hold yellow jasper while you meditate or perform astral travel to protect you while you are in the astral plane.

Jet: Jet is the stone of self-control. Wear jet to regain control over your life, thoughts, and feelings. This is good for women who are experiencing monthly hormone changes and mood swings. This stone will also help with negative feelings such as anger or depression.

Kunzite: Kunzinte provides emotional assistance.

Labradorite: Labradorite is one of my favorite stones. This stone helps with intuition and can help a person discover their life path. This stone is also good for artists, writers, and poets as it provides inspiration, making the familiar seem mundane.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis is usually a darker blue stone with small flecks of white in it. It resembles denim and is often called after it. Sometimes, lapis will have small pyrite-colored inclusions. Lapis is a stone of the mind and can help you to better understand it. Carrying this stone will help you to expand your mind and see things from many viewpoints.

Lepidolite: A stress-reliever. Lepidolite is good for business and also for students as it can help to stimulate the brain.

Lodestone: (magnet) Lodestones are used in conjuring spells to draw things toward you. Lodestones are very powerful at attracting and can be used for love, health, money, or prosperity. I have heard that these stones work better when you have two of them. Carry a lodestone in your wallet to attract money.

Malachite: One very interesting aspect of this stone is that it will crack in two to warn its owner of immediate danger. A harmony stone, malachite will help attract peace into your life and help you to accept  and understand yourself. Use this stone as a balance when vision questing.

Marble, Picasso:  Helps one attain their desires through the control of inner thought.

Marble, Zebra: Another stone of the mind. Zebra marble is good for meditation as it allows the user to take control of their thoughts.

Moldavite: Moldavite is an extremely potent grounding stone. This stone is wonderful for use after ritual. I have heard that this stone helps its wearer to speak to other sentient creatures such as dolphins and whales, but have not yet tried this myself.

 Moonstone, Gray: Moonstone is another of my favorite stones. It is quite powerful! Use this stone when using other stones to harness their energy better. Moonstone can also be used, like quartz, as an extra energy boost. Because of its power, it can be a difficult stone to wear. For lovers, moonstone can be used during quarrels to help aid communication. A stone of love, it promotes friendship and sympathy towards others. Wear it on your third eye to enhance your second sight. For bad dreams, place this stone under your pillow. Moonstone can be used in place of any other stone.

Moonstone, Orange: Like white moonstone, this stone can be used with other stones to accept them more readily. Although not as powerful as white moonstone, this stone should never be used lightly. It can be used in place of any stone. Moonstone can also be used, like quartz, as an extra energy boost. Because of its power, it can be a difficult stone to wear. For lovers, moonstone can be used during quarrels to help aid communication. A stone of love, it promotes friendship and sympathy towards others. Wear it on your third eye to enhance your second sight. For bad dreams, place this stone under your pillow. Moonstone can be used in place of any other stone.

Moonstone, White: Moonstone can be used in place of  any other stone. Use this stone when using other stones to harness their energy better. Moonstone can also be used, like quartz, as an extra energy boost. Because of its power, it can be a difficult stone to wear. For lovers, moonstone can be used during quarrels to help aid communication. A stone of love, it promotes friendship and sympathy towards others. Wear it on your third eye to enhance your second sight. For bad dreams, place this stone under your pillow. Moonstone can be used in place of any other stone.

Mother of Pearl: Mother of pearl is a good stone for children as it is inexpensive and very protective.

Mugglestone: Mugglestone is a mixture of two stones: hematite and red jasper. It can be used in place of either stone as it has the properties of both. Use mugglestone for quarrels between lovers, friends or family to alleviate anger and stress.

Obsidian, Black: Small obsidian pebbles are known as “Apache Tears”. Obsidian is used for grounding. Because this stone is so strong, it should not be used often. Carry this stone to keep others from taking advantage of you. If you are fortunate enough to have a mirror crafted of obsidian, it would make a very powerful scrying tool. I have learned from someone that if you gaze at a piece for a few minutes each day for three days, you will receive insight to a problem.

Obsidian, Mahogany: For medical purposes, mahogany obsidian is useful in healing gums. This stone can also be used to help in making decisions which makes it a good stone for Libras.

Obsidian, Snowflake: Snowflake obsidian is an attracting stone and can be used in conjuring spells. This stone also draws money. Keep it where you keep your money so that you will never run out.

Onyx, Black: Black onyx, like jet, is good for grounding and is not to powerful to be worn in jewelry. Use it to rid yourself of bad habits.

Onyx, Mexican: This is a popular stone that is easily found in gemshops. It is often used to carve figurines. Use Mexican onyx to help promote good sleep without nightmares.

Opal, Black: For medical purposes, black opal is useful in strengthening the bones. Its magickal properties allow the wearer to feel confident about themself and find potential in everything they do.

Opal: Use this stone to solve problems. It allows the wearer to see difficulties from all angles and determine a multitude of possibilities. Because of its power, this stone can be difficult to wear.

Peacock Ore: see CHALCOPYRITE.

Pearl, Fresh Water: Freshwater pearls can come in black or white and a variety of shapes. Pearl is a stone of love. Helps promote love of self and of others. Freshwater pearl will also allow the wearer to accept another’s love.

Peridot: Peridot is useful when working with the aura as it allows the body to take on the aspects of the aura’s energy. Use this stone with caution as it can also attract negative energies into the body.

Petrified Wood: Healers will find this stone useful in aiding to find the cause of an illness. Use this stone when shape shifting or soul-searching to gain knowledge and help the mind think on a higher level.

Pietersite: This stone aids the user in remaining open to all things in every situation. It also allows the wearer to draw on experience in this life and in past lives in order to solve problems or aid others.

Pyrite: (Also  known as “fool’s gold”. Pyrite can represent or draw money. This mineral is one of prosperity and generally of success in all things, especially finances. This mineral is symbolic of the Sun and the Sun God.

Quartz, Blue: Blue Quartz is difficult to find. This stone is powerful for banishing fear.

Quartz, Clear: Clear quartz is one of the most common type and will work polished or as a crystal. Cutting or polishing this stone, however, usually diminishes its energy. Quartz is used to amplify energy and is used on wand tips and for healing. This stone is used to amplify power in general.

Quartz, Green: Inspiration.

Quartz, Rose: Rose quartz is the stone of emotion. This stone is good for evoking feelings of peace and love. Give this stone to children to quiet their crying or stop their fighting. Place it by a child’s bed or crib to give them comfort. Wear this stone to help you express yourself or to soothe your emotions. Women will find this stone useful during their menstrual cycles and during menopause. Rose quartz is usually dyed, so try to find it in its natural state. This stone encourages feelings of peace and helps the wearer to love themselves and others and realize the beauty within and without. Carry this stone to help with the grieving process.

Quartz, Rutilated: Rutilated quartz has thin needles of gold growing inside of it. This stone can be used the same way as regular clear quartz. This stone is also useful in discovering the root of a problem.

Quartz, Smoky: This stone is sometimes used for healing. Like clear quartz, it is an energy generator and amplifier. Carry it on your person or place it in your car for protection.

Quartz, Snow: A stone of balance. Snow quartz is very white in appearance and not at all clear. This stone is known for its ability to incite cooperation between people and for its soothing properties. Placed on the third eye, it can aid in learning and is valuable to students. This stone, like many other types of quartz can be used like clear quartz and for the same reasons.

Quartz, Tourmalinated: Tourmalinated quartz is clear to snowy with black needles growing through it. It can be used in place of clear quartz. This stone corrects imbalances. Wear it to prevent you from harming yourself and to protect against depression and destructive behavior. This stone has its name because it has the same properties as the stone Tourmaline.

Rhodonite: Rhodonite is a common and inexpensive stone. Like rose quartz, rhodonite is a stone for the emotions. It helps soothe the soul and will allow you to accept what happens, taking you onto the next level of getting over it. This stone is colored and is commonly found in pink, blue, green, and yellow.

Rhodocrosite: The stone of change. Use this stone when making any type of change or when you are having trouble adjusting to a big change. This stone is also known for its energizing properties. Use it when you need a pick-me-up.


Ruby: Because of its red color, ruby is the stone of love and passion. This stone is connected to the heart and can help open the heart to the love of another or to aid the wearer in feeling compassion for others. A stone of fear, it can be worn to bring bravery to the wearer.

Sapphire: Sapphire is usually a very dark royal blue in color and is a very lovely stone. Wear it in a ring for mental clarity.

Sodalite: This stone is sometimes confused with Lapis Lazuli and should be checked by a professional to be sure it is true sodalite. Sodalite is not a pretty stone, but it can be used to protect its wearer from negative energy. Use it to reduce stress or to relax you during meditation. I have heard that you can place it by a computer screen to help reduce the damage EMF causes to your health.

Sugilite: A pretty stone, sugilite restores energy to the wearer and is a great pick-me-up. Use it to absorb negative energy from your arua.

Sunstone: A stone of the mind. Use this stone to remember your dreams, during meditation, studying, and thinking. Wearing this stone helps with memory and thinking skills and is useful to students. Use this stone for healing the body after wounds or during cancer recovery. This is a stone of the Sun and of fire and represents sun and fire deities.

Tanzanite: This is one of the most beautiful stones I have ever seen. The color is a purple or dark blue with rainbow flashes of all other colors within it. This stone represents changes. Wear it to encourage emotion for others and uplift your soul.

Thompsonite: A good stone for lazy people, thompsonite allows the bearer to focus on what they must do and prevents them from becoming unmotivated.

Tiger Eye: A stone of luck and of honesty. Wear this stone to help rid yourself of the habit of lying and to prevent others from lying to you.

Tiger Eye, Blue: see FALCON’S EYE.

Topaz, Blue: Blue topaz is a common and inexpensive stone. This is a stone of the astral body. Wear it to harmonize yourself between your two bodies and to give you purpose during astral travel.

Tourmaline, Black: Because it repels negativity, this stone is powerful in strengthening the immune system. Use it to protect yourself against psychic attack during ritual, meditation, and astral travel.

Tourmaline, Green: Strictly a man’s stone, green tourmaline helps balance the male’s body and soul and bring their system into balance. Women should use pink tourmaline for this purpose.

Tourmaline, Pink: Strictly a woman’s stone, pink tourmaline helps balance the female’s body and soul and bring their system and their cycles into balance. Protection.

Tourmaline, Watermelon: Use watermelon tourmaline to gain knowledge in any situation.

Turquoise: Turquoise is often dyed and can be very expensive. This stone is a powerful absorbing stone. Use it to absorb negative energy or sickness. This stone will lose its color the longer it is in contact with skin during stressful times. A stone of protection. Turquoise will also help to strengthen other beneficial emotions such as happiness and love and will keep the wearer in good health. Wear it to help with communication.

Unikite: Unikite is another inexpensive and common stone. It looks like creamed spinach with bits of pinkish orange mixed in. This stone helps to balance the emotions and keeps the wearer in good health.

Variscite: This is the stone of hope. Use it to bring hope in hopeless situations or to encourage someone to do well. A good stone for children. I have heard that it is also good for treating impotence.

Zoicite: Zoicite is used to destroy laziness and promote motivation.

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