A lot of tea!


-Teavana Poached Pear Cider loose tea (7 2oz bags)
-Teavana Strawberry Lemonade loose tea (6 2oz bags)
-Dried rainbow rose petals
-L'Occitane Shea Butter Soap Orange Honey scent
-4x4 Skeleton frame (can be made into a black mirror)


-Norse related things
-Unique stick incense holder
-Divination related things
-Metal pendulum
-Bear, wolf, owl, or corvid things
-Wax melt cubes
-Moon related things
-Magick books
-A little besom
-If you have something witchy you’re willing to trade that I haven’t listed go ahead and message me and we’ll see what we can work out!

US shipping only
Side note: if you want any of the teas, please tell me how many bags you’d like.
IM Preferred @anowin or @anowitch

Thank you :)


WOO! Every gem and fusion :D whenever there’s anything new I’ll be adding more!

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