5 outfits to look cool at #CandyFair2015

#CandyFair2015 is just two weeks from now and yet, you haven’t pick your outfit for this fair (a big problem right). Since  I want my first post to be a little helpful,l rounded up some clothes that will fit this years’ theme “ artists’ palette” this theme will probably need your creativity of wearing outfits that suits your attitude. Here are some ideas that can help you!

1. Look cute by wearing a pastel colored knit top and pair with a floral skorts. keep it with your white sandals.and why not use hairchalks to make rainbow ombre to your hair!

2. Feel the boho vibe by pairing your white lacey dress with your black ankle boots. boho will not be complete without your sunglasses and a fringe slingbag.

3. Normcore, trendy yet comfy style is perfect for this fair. by wearing your white dress match it with a leather slingbag and finished it with your comfiest white sneakers.

4.Bright colors are hard to match. But why not take the risk? by pairing your purple flowy top to your royal blue skirt. slip your sandals and finish it with a bright silky scarf!

5. Look chic and classy by pairing your flowy top with the trendy denim skirt. slip your black slip-ons and finish it with your clutchbag. 

going with your bff or sister? why not try match your outfits to look cool?

Hope this little guide will help you choose your outfits to wear not for this fair but also even in a simple errands you have. I am glad to share you this and  Im hoping that you will also support my next blog (hehehe) btw, if you have any questions or you just wanna talk to me, you can reach me via email: blogofbae@gmail.com  See u guys at the #CandyFair2015