In case anybody missed it, my mini Squishable Rainbow Jumping Spider now exists and it’s all thanks to you!!! Nearly two years ago, I asked for help in getting votes for him to be made, and was met with an absolutely overwhelming rush of support~ here are links to the fun stuff I made during my promotions back then: avatars, tiling wallpaper, and a papercraft.

Once again, I would also like to point out that I currently have another arachnid in OpenSquish, this time a pinktoe tarantula - she is actually doing pretty dang well, but has not quiiite reached the 4.15 threshold for qualification yet, and voting ends on midnight July 1st (EST.) She really really needs more 5s and reblogs, it’s maddeningly close at the moment. We already proved we can do it once, so let’s do it again!


Open Squish Bug Round 3 has just begun - can we win with another plush arachnid? I think we can! Please meet my Scorpion! I based its design on the Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion (Hadrurus arizonensis), I’d like to think it was a good choice for representation as a huge fluffy ball ~

If you’d like to see it join my Rainbow Jumping Spider as an enormous loveable plush arachnid, please vote 5! It must end in with a final score of at least 3.90 in order to be considered for production. I know you want to hold its fat claws and dance around with it, let’s make this happen.