The Rainbow Goblins!

The Rainbow Goblins, by Ul De Rico (1978)

I remember the oil-on-oak paintings in this book seeping into my pores as a kid.

Summary: Seven goblins travel the land lassoing rainbows and gorging themselves on the colors until, one day, the rainbows devise a solution.

The production team for the film version of The NeverEnding Story based many of their storyboards and animations on De Rico’s illustrations. (via Wikipedia)


Goblin : The Great & Lonely God par Sheena Aw

Pretty.Odd Books

I’ve made a compilation list of books I’ve read that remind me of P!ATD’s album Pretty.Odd. One of my favourite records of all time!

For one reason or another I think these stories, poems or essays encapsulate a little bit of the essence of those songs. There are no fanfics in here but I might make a future list with fic suggestions if that’s something you guys would enjoy!

I hope you like it! I’ve previously made a short list of books that remind me of Ryan Ross. I’m considering making a AFYCSO book list and PO, AFYCSO films + TV shows compilation too.


* I came up with these titles in one go so I’m almost 100% sure I’ve forgotten many others that remind me of Pretty.Odd. I’ll try to add them in the future. Feel free to add yours too! Also in many cases I would have to write almost every author’s work because they all have a similar vibe, but I limited myself to writing one or two.

* I’ve written this super quick so sorry if there are any spelling mistakes in the titles/authors names.

* If you have any questions/suggestions my ask box is always open. x

Now the list:

I’d like to dedicate it to @gwenie for being amazing although I basically disappeared for almost a month!



- Sun, moon and Talia. Basile.
- The buried moon. Joseph Jacobs.
- Magic America. C.E. Medford.
- Alice in Wonderland. Lewis Carroll.
- Through the looking glass. Lewis Carroll.
- Peter Pan. James Barry.
- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Frank Baum.
- Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales.
- Grimm Brother’s Fairytales.
- The girl with glass feet. Ali Shaw.
- The little prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
- The ocean at the end of the lane. Neil Gaiman.
- The book of lost things. John Connolly.
- The girl who circumnavigated fairyland in a ship of her own making. Catheryne M. Valente.


- Tao Te Ching. Lao Tzu.
- Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Douglas Adams.
- The razor’s edge. William Somerset Maugham.
- A season in hell. Arthur Rimbaud.
- Illuminations. Arthur Rimbaud.
- Poems by Walt Whitman.
- Les fleurs du mal. Charles Baudelaire.
- The picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde.
- Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov.
- Enid Blyton books.
- A midsummer’s night’s dream. William Shakespeare.
- Steppenwolf. Hermann Hesse.
- Siddharta. Hermann Hesse.
- Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Richard Bach.
- Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Robert Pirsig.
- The secret garden. Frances Hodgson.

60s related:

- Prodigal summer. Barbary Kingsolver.
- Bohemian manifesto. Laren Stover.
- Hippie. Barry Miles.
- The hippie handbook. Chelsea Cain.
- Bob Dylan: Chronicles. Bob Dylan.
- Shout! A Beatles biography. Philip Norman.
- The Kinks. Jon Savage.
- Summer of love. Lisa Mason.
- In his own write. John Lennon.
- A Spaniard in the works. John Lennon.
- Me, I, myself. George Harrison.
- The electric kool aid acid test. Tom Wolfe.
- The doors of perception. Aldous Huxley.
- On the road. Jack Kerouac.
- Howl. Allen Ginsberg.

Modern (ish):

- Dash and Lily’s book of dares. David Levithan.
- The Prophet. Kahlil Gibran.
- Looking for Jack Kerouac. Barbara
- Reunited. Hilary Weisman.
- Station Eleven. Emily St. John.
- The perks of being a wallflower. Stephen Chbosky.


- Emerald City. Mathew W. Klingle.
- Legends of the Chelsea Hotel. Ed Hamilton.
- The rainbow goblins. Ul de Rico.
- The rainbow book. Kate Ohrt.
- Flower crowns: 30 enchanting DIY floral creations. Christy Meisner.
- Grow your own vegetables. Joy Larkom.
- Tree houses you can actually build. David Stiles.
- Bohemian style. Elizabeth Wilhide.
- The edible flower garden. Rosalind Creasy.

So I had a massive hiatus from Diablo III. As in, once I installed it and got to around level 16, I just stopped playing. Mostly out of laziness.

But Yuuki kept saying we should start playing again, so we did. The whole being unemployed thing has given me a chance to test out the other classes, and the last time Yuuki and I played, I got my Wizard up to somewhere in the 40′s. 

Today, I killed a rainbow treasure goblin and found a portal to Whimsydale…

What the actual fuck, Blizzard. Why would you do this to me?!

Should be doing Diary, but actually line learning.

Finally got a main part in Miskin, so amazingly happy. And I really can throw myself into it, just keeping up to date with dairy is going to be a pain in the arse, but then don’t wanna lose my part.

Saturday night was really fun, went blackheath with Kelsie and her friends and met a guy who had loads of mutual friends with me and had a Uke and kept playing and singing with me. Then I got chinese and everyone else got Morleys haha. If it wern’t for some of the casting being really sucky, I’d be so happy.

3 days until I’m 18. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. I’m like actually going to be a technical adult. That is amazingly scary. I think I was so focused on the party I kind of forgot I’m not a kid anymore. Not that I’ve ever felt like one though. It’s really hard to describe. Aside from buying fags and booze, it just seems like I’m not the young one anymore. I’m loosing the crazy shit you had to do to get them at 14. Not sure if thats a good thing, or if it’ll lose it’s fun when theres no risk in it anymore.

Party in 5 days. Outfit complete except for Kelsies Chocker and the Garter I’m getting in bromley next saturday. Wow.

“You just can’t do it can you?”

Yes, actually Elub, I think I can.