okay so I am on the train for about 3 and a half hours per day and recently I had a rad idea. What if there was a secret banquet passed around from rainbow drinker to rainbow drinker about a banquet only for rainbow drinkers, for an exchange on what blood they prefer, how they consume it (as in, out of a glass as if it was wine or freshly drawn, etc) and how they even became rainbow drinkers (i smell the drama…… feeling it)?

to make this real I thought about making a blog, setting up rules and opening a time window in which RP logs and stuff can happen for this event. I also thought about making a list of people who want to join, linking to the bio of the rainbow drinker(s) they want to join with (ofc you have to message me on said blog so i can put you on there), so people can check the list and if they see someone they wanna RP with they know or even only look through it for new encounters they could ask them for an RP, already having a complete set up makes something like that a whole lot easy than when you first have to pull a base-plot out of your ass for that.

To this blog you can then submit favourite quotes from RPs in this set up, maybe even what your troll is doing right now so people can join them with their troll and, which is like the best thing, have art from threads in there, my dream is to have a whole tag only with fantroll selfies from the party

if you would be interested tell me in some way, if I get at least 10 people I’ll get this started

Alright, who showed Karkat In which a moody female lead moves to a new town and devolpes flushed feelings for the human equivilent of a rainbow drinker, and through a series of, ect. ect. ect. ect. nobodyhastimefortrollmovietitles????

My favourite thing about the term ‘rainbow drinker’ is how it heavily implies that, in troll culture, the drinking of blood is actually fairly common.

Just not drinking the blood of any caste, indiscriminately. And that is what makes 'drinkers so unusual, other than the whole glowing thing and the fact that they must have a different physiology.

I really, REALLY wanna write this into something.

thebearnerd asked:

Does trollblood taste any different to rainbow drinkers than it does to non-drinkers?


KANAYA: To A Rainbow Drinker All Bloods Taste Different

KANAYA: To A Non Rainbow Drinker It Tastes Like Sludge

PORRIM: To+ me, all tro+lls have very different tasting blo+o+d.  Blo+o+d gets sweeter as yo+u go+ up the hemo+spectrum.

DOLOROSA: Everybo+dy Has Different Tastes In Blo+o+d.  Fo+r A Rainbo+w Drinker, Blo+o+d Is Necisarry To+ Survive, As Fo+o+d Is To+ The Rest O+f The Tro+lls. 

I just think of the Maryams and get so happy sometimes like
Porrim and Kanaya gossiping about their respective relationships
Porrim and Kanaya bonding over rainbow drinker abilities and what comes with them
Porrim and Kanaya sewing things together
Porrim helping Kanaya believe in herself because wow she really needs it
Kanaya getting more comfortable around Porrim and seeing her more like a person and realizing they’re so much alike like wow

Porrim and Kanaya