Okay kids, it’s time we took a look at this image of the Signless and his apostles.

Now how about we just have a quick run-through of the symbolism used in this page.

All the Ancestors are relatively featureless - a trait typical of the albino lusii, faceless guardians and semi-tangible First Guardians throughout Homestuck. But on each of them, there’s a main element which stands out for symbolic reasons.

The eyes.

The Dolorosa’s eyes are visible in a bright yellow because she’s a Rainbow Drinker - glowing yellow eyes are an important trace of said Drinkers.

The Psiioniic’s eyes are, of course, visible in their red and blue tones because this eye mutation is a prominent part of all the Captors. It’s also possible he’s wearing a lens or visor of some sort, which would be coloured due to the fact that it’s part of his clothing.

But then there’s the last two.

The Disciple is the only one without eyes here. The Signless, despite having nothing important about his eyes in particular, does have his eyes drawn on, in bright candy red.

The only real reason why the Disciple’s eyes would not be shown would be that her hair is obscuring them. But guess what? The Disciple’s hair is explicitly drawn here. The Disciple’s the only one with drawn hair in this image, and it’s specifically shown to not be obscuring her eyes.

So why would the Signless’ eyes be shown, especially in that colour, when they’re supposedly just the same as Disciple’s (only red), whose aren’t shown?

Well what other character do we know with prominent, bright red eyes?

(That’s Terezi, by the way)

And for what reason were her eyes red?

They were burned, which led to her being blind.

Now, we know that Kankri, who is genetically the exact same person as the Signless, was a Seer. Terezi was also a Seer - and as Karkat and Latula were both Knights, we can assume there was some sort of fateswap going on between the Pyropes and the Vantases.

So what if the Signless was blind?

Additionally, the Signless was a prophet.

If he was blind, that would make him a blind prophet.

So, long story short - what if the ‘Blind Prophets’ that Terezi holds in such high regards are actually a corruption of a singular Blind Prophet - and that Blind Prophet happened to be the Signless?

We know that Redglare was a follower of the Signless cult, at least.

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What are some powers or strengths that are blood caste exclusive? Like certain cerulean bloods having vision eightfold

Burgundy is prone to telekinesis. Animal communing skills are common among Bronze bloods.  Psionics are common among Gold blooded mutants, although most members of caste are likely to develop come psychic ability. Jade bloods can withstand the light of the Alternian Sun and have the potential to become Rainbow Drinkers. Ceruleans can get mind-reading, and mind control powers. Purple bloods have chucklevoodoo which seems able to do many things from mindcontrol to nightmare inducing, whether chucklevoodoo includes all these or if every Purple bloods chuckle voodoo works differently is unknown. Fuchia blood have a psychic connection to Glubglub.


its a little bit late but anyway happy 4.13 everyone! homestuck is one of the greatest parts of my life and its going to live in my heart forever <3 i  dont have time for cosplaying now but i woke up early to cosplay kanaya ahah! i thought this cosplay is a complete trash but now i guess its not that bad, i even wanna wear it for a con again. 
p.s. use credits if u wanna use “complete the heart” photos <3

  • rosemary valentines day: a ridiculously extravagant dinner that rose has paid the restaurant to do a vampire lovecraft theme for. the two of them roleplay characters who have never met throughout the entire dinner and they have incredibly crazy sexual tension with each other. the night is a raging success and they fall asleep together. they consider the story of lady belladonna hemlock, tentacled gentlelady, and her rainbow drinker lover quite firmly closed.
  • davekat valentines day: dave writes an incredibly sincere letter to karkat about how much karkat means to him, while karkat flawlessly recites a love monologue from one of his favorite romantic novels. both of them are unable to deal with the level of emotion they have just shown one another. "kinda gay," dave drawls at last. karkat punches his shoulder. they make out.
  • dirkjake valentines day: it's intended to be a movie marathon, but it ends up being one movie that jake keeps restarting every time they finish groping because it's just not the same if you don't watch it from the beginning. dirk has promised not to complain about the movie. every time jake gets that fascination in his eyes about some plot twist he's seen unfold ten times just today, dirk has to fight down the urge to tell jake "I love you."

Some ridiculous Rose/mary wedding ideas to use in the war on unfortunate bland f/f headcanons.

1) After discovering the traditional role of the best man and bridesmaids, spirited debate ensues over who is doing what. John probably: “So say I’m the best man. If you’re both ‘the bride’ who am I marrying if the other bride flakes out and who am I defending from pirates if they attack the wedding? And who are the bridesmaids supposed to be the distraction for?”

2) Rose’s proposed method of choosing between multiple volunteers for best man (or best woman, since Roxy also throws her hat in the ring) is to give them each a knife and shout from her observation lawn chair that the last one alive gets to be the best man at her wedding.

(Kanaya vetoes this because Karkat is amongst the mortal participants. It’s decided that the best man has to be ok with marrying either of them and Jane and Jade flip a coin.)

3) This is motherfucking ROSE “all extra all the time” LALONDE we’re discussing here, with KANAYA “0 to chainsawing a man in half in under 5 seconds” MARYAM we’re discussing here, where is this sedate vanilla garden wedding coming from? Plus, there is no way Roxy is not in on this. Please, somebody, give me custom vows with arcane rituals crafted from bunk psychology lectures blended with Evanescence lyrics. Give me a photoshoot replicating a trashy harlequin rainbow drinker novel. Kanaya’s love of color and fashion makes her the Alternia equivalent of goth, and she doesn’t just dress well, she dresses her room and her HOUSE. Give me a Night Vale meets Lisa Frank ceremony of garish yet stylish spectacle or give me death.

And leave the trickster lollipop at home, thanks, no one should be touching that.

I didnt realize how weird it was that Feferi Pexies and )(IC, the only living fuchsia bloods, highest on their caste, strongest, can endure the most damage, died so easily.

Like Feferi died of a Magic Hope Beam that Kanaya survived (though that might be because of Rainbow Drinker anyways), like given what we know about Highbloods Feferi should’ve been bleeding out for a little bit and not automatically dying. Especially when Gamzee was able to survive getting shot multiple times in the same region Feferi was hit.

 And then )(IC died by getting stabbed with a sword, something that also happened to Terezi in [S] GAME OVER, and she was able to survive long enough to get the Roxy’s planet, watch Rose die, have a conversation with John, wait for John to teleport back in time, and write him instructions to fix the timeline. Plus Terezi had also been slammed into the ground of Jade’s planet by Aranea if I’m remembering correctly?

Honestly what I’m trying to get at is that both Feferi and )(IC really should’ve been able to survive that damage they had taken in comic, or- In Feferi’s case- should have not insta-died when Trolls much lower on the caste system were able to walk around with their serious wounds for a good amount of time.