• rosemary valentines day: a ridiculously extravagant dinner that rose has paid the restaurant to do a vampire lovecraft theme for. the two of them roleplay characters who have never met throughout the entire dinner and they have incredibly crazy sexual tension with each other. the night is a raging success and they fall asleep together. they consider the story of lady belladonna hemlock, tentacled gentlelady, and her rainbow drinker lover quite firmly closed.
  • davekat valentines day: dave writes an incredibly sincere letter to karkat about how much karkat means to him, while karkat flawlessly recites a love monologue from one of his favorite romantic novels. both of them are unable to deal with the level of emotion they have just shown one another. "kinda gay," dave drawls at last. karkat punches his shoulder. they make out.
  • dirkjake valentines day: it's intended to be a movie marathon, but it ends up being one movie that jake keeps restarting every time they finish groping because it's just not the same if you don't watch it from the beginning. dirk has promised not to complain about the movie. every time jake gets that fascination in his eyes about some plot twist he's seen unfold ten times just today, dirk has to fight down the urge to tell jake "I love you."

i like to imagine that at one point dave and kanaya had a conversation that just… didnt end. they both just kept rambling off on different tangents until four hours later when rose finds them arguing over whether or not kanaya’s rainbow drinker romance novels are trashy or not (they are) and puts an end to it. and they pick up right where they left off the next time they see each other they cant be stopped

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Speaking of rainbow drinkers, do you have any Kanaya feeding headcannons? Does she feed exclusively from Rose during grand romantic gestures, do her friends set up a rotation system to make sure she doesn't go hungry or (once Earth C has a large enough population to sustain one) does she have some arrangement with the local bloodbank? Also, do you think any of her ecto-biological descendants get the rainbow drinker gene?

You guys should let me know if anything in canon contradicts this, but I personally don’t think that Kanaya even drinks blood very often.

My main headcanon is that she needs blood if she’s going to heal from a grievous wound, such as having a hole blown through her stomach, but otherwise she can survive without it; blood makes her stronger and makes her feel good, but it is not a necessary aspect of her survival.

From the Game Over timeline, we see her buying all that blood from Jane, paralleling her addiction to Rose’s drinking problem, which is what first made me think she doesn’t often indulge. If she were to need blood, I’m sure Rose would jump to offer to help her, but I think Kanaya abstains from drinking, generally.

(Assuming she did need blood regularly I think she would use the alchemizer after taking blood from someone once; truthfully, the idea of her feeding from Rose in more than just emergencies squicks me out a little- she wouldn’t want to cause her pain and also she wouldn’t be able to do it very often before Rose would hit blood loss anyway. She’d need a lot of friends in that rotation to make it plausible.)

I think some of her biological descendants would get it! Certainly her ecto-biological jade-blooded ancestors, and some percentage (maybe all?) of future jade-bloods arising from the slurry. They would need to have something trigger the change though, as Kanaya did.