The stunning image below is of a rainbow cloud, captured above Mt Everest by Oleg Bartunov whilst on an expedition in the Himalayas, Nepal.
The amazing rainbow effect is created when tiny ice crystals in the water vapour of the clouds reflect the sunlight.
The sight is rare and has only been reported a few times previously.


Image credit: Oleg Bartunov


Timelapse video of a summer monsoon storm spitting out a rainbow in the desert near Tucson, Arizona

SFW Age Regression Masterpost

I’m aware of a few floating around and I do hope I don’t copy too much (or any) But I have a List of Websites that I collected and found helpful with age regressing!

Arts and crafts/Coloring Page Websites:

Color Mountain


AZ Coloring

Super Coloring

Crayola Digi-Color



The Color


PBS Kids

Disney Family Crafts

Origami Club

PBS Parents Crafts

Fisher Price Crafts

Activity Village

Enchanted Learning

Craft Bits

Kids Can Have Fun

Kid’s Pages for small ages

Tinker Lab

I can Teach my Child

The Chocolate Muffin Tree

Chalk in My Pocket

Filth Wizardry

Make Stuff

DIY Slime

Busy Bee Crafts

Water Gun Painting

Home Made Stickers

Build a monster

Sewing Cards

Rainbow Cloud Wall Flag

Pretend Play Props and Ideas

Hand print Apple Tree

Bubble Painting

40 Indoor Activities

Frugal Fun 4 Boys and Girls

Quiet Book

Come Together Kids Crafts

Learning Activities/News/Games:

Fact Monster

Brain POP

Discovery Kids

Number Nut

Quiz Tree


How Stuff Works

Knowledge Kids

Times News Kids


Sports Illustrated Kids

Inventive Kids

Mr. Nussbaum

Little Lily Polka Dot

Fun Brain

‘Lil Fingers

Nat Geo Kids

San Diego Zoo Animal Cams

Kids Planet


Word Game Time


Sesame Street

Math Games

Dino Dictionary


The Magic School Bus

Astronomy Kids



Fun & Games:

Primary Games

Up To Ten

TJ and Pals

Boowa & Kwala

Jump Start

Squigly’s Playhouse

Nick Jr

Disney Jr


Polly Pocket

Barney & Friends


Animal Jam


Charlie & Lola

Kid’s CBC



Cartoon Network

Spongebob Games

Dora Games

Ben 10 Games

Dress-Up Games

Peep & the Big Wide World


Safe Kid Games

Cyber Chase

Cool Math

Reading/Audio Stories/Music:

Ziggity Zoom Stories

Free Children Stories

Tumble Books

Word Girl

Story Place

Giggle Poetry

The Magic School Bus

Shel Silverstein


Nick Radio

Common Sense Media

Guys Read

50 RIF

Kid Safe Radio

Music Games

‘Lil Rockers Radio

IHeartRadio Children

Fun Kids

Garfield & Friends


Calvin and Hobbes

Snack/Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner ideas & recipes:

24 Creative Lunch ideas

Toddler Lunch Ideas

Meet The Dubiens

Edible Crafts

Cute Food for Kids

Dr. Seuss Edible Crafts

Edible Craft Archives

Lunch Box Ideas

Incredible Edible Crafts

Edible Crafts for Kids

25 Easy Lunches

10 Sandwhich-free lunch ideas

25 Toddler Lunch Ideas

30 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

15 Toddler Lunch Ideas

Mini Milk Shake Shooters

Fun and Healthy Kid Kabobs

DIY Bear Snack

Come Together Kids Recipes


20 Awesome DIY Science Projects

10 Cool Science Experiments for Toddlers

Rock Candy Experiment

Rain Cloud in a Jar Experiment

40 DIY Projects for Kids

10 Kitchen Science Experiments

10 Gooey Science Experiments

Kids Science Experiements

Kids Science Projects

Playroom Ideas:

5 ideas for creating a playroom

16 Fun Kids room Ideas

Lego Wall

41 Organizational Ideas for your Playroom

Playroom Ideas

Playroom designs and ideas

Decorating Ideas for playrooms and kids rooms

40 Kids Playroom designs

Playroom Tips and Ideas

Playroom decorating Tips

Wonderful Playroom Designs

Resources for Caregivers:

Quiet Boxes

20 Ways to “reset” kids having a hard day

40 Activities to do

52 character building thoughts for kids

Clean House check list

Advice from Somewhere

40 DIY Gifts

Sick Kids Basket

Physical Activities

Social and Emotional Development


Rainbow Showers sticker set (10 pieces)!

Since quite a number of people like this drawing so much… :)

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