It feels like I haven’t seen the sky in years.  Every time I look up, it’s clouded by rainbow hues, paper rain falling from the sky.  It tickles my skin as it falls, like a spider crawling across my arm, up my neck.  It leaves goosebumps in it’s wake.  We have not seen the sun in years.  Like volcanic ash from a global scale eruption, it clouds the sky.  We choke on it.  It’s in the water, in the food supply.  It’s in the air.  We are slowly suffocating.  Our crops wither and die without sunlight.  Animals perish when it gets in their food supply and is consumed.  We are suffering.

I hope one day we are granted mercy and the confetti ends.


Timelapse video of a summer monsoon storm spitting out a rainbow in the desert near Tucson, Arizona