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Pokémon 20th Anniversary Challenge - Day 6

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Feb. 6thLegendary day! What are your top 3 Legendary Pokémon designs and concepts? And ultimately, which one is your favorite legendary? Why?

Top three designs and concepts? Dammit… well, in no particular order:

I think design-wise, Ho-oh’s my favorite, even though I (and I think a few other people?) jokingly/affectionately refer to it as a rainbow turkey. The concept behind Ho-oh’s interesting, though. It’s believed it was supposed to be in the original games, which would explain its appearance in the first episode of the anime, though I think Generation II was already in production by then. But it definitely became one of the most mythical Legendaries of the time (and even to this day, I still think Ho-Oh’s one of the most interesting of Legendary Pokémon), regardless if it’s one of the most powerful or not. It doesn’t need to be, the people of Ecruteak (if not all of Johto) basically worship it, and I like to head-canon Ho-oh is like the go-to Legendary for leadership whenever there’s some kind of strife going on. Ho-oh’s probably one of the longest-living Legendary Pokémon there is, so I imagine it’s wise and knowledgeable about the Pokémon world.

And it may have the power to bring living beings back from the dead, long before Xerneas came in. Of course, this was only ever implied when it came to the Legendary Beasts’ backstory, but still, I think this is very interesting, while at the same time, perhaps acts as a parallel of it being a phoenix.

Cresselia’s just so pretty, and her basically bringing good dreams makes sense (although why does she have a rubber swan-like design?). She’s serene and doesn’t seem like one to fight, and I like to imagine she doesn’t harbor any hard feelings toward Darkrai (when I’m totally not shipping the two together because let’s face it, opposites attract). Cresselia also probably has one of the prettiest cries in the series, it’s so unique.

Also, look at that color scheme. Ho-oh may be the most colorful, but I just love the colors used for Cresselia. Very feminine and fitting of her serene nature, if I must say.

Giratina is one of the best, period, no doubt about it. Such an interesting and cool origin story, but I don’t believe Giratina’s the equivalent of the devil despite his appearances. Hades, sure, but I don’t think he’s evil as much as people would like to have an evil Pokémon. He was thrown out because of his rebellious nature, but then to be given such an important task as to keep the balance intact with matter an anti-matter is just really cool and unique. I like to imagine he holds a grudge toward Arceus and perhaps Dialga and Palkia, but Giratina just comes off as a Legendary who doesn’t give a shit who you are or what you did as long as you don’t try to mess around with him.

Also, the Distortion World is one of the best settings the core Pokémon games has given us, like wow is it amazing. And since Giratina governs that place, he sure as hell knows how to use its rules to screw you over (the eleventh Pokémon movie was so creative when it came to the Reverse World, just such a shame we didn’t see more of it).

But my favorite Legendary is hands down Mewtwo (although Mew comes close). Do I have to explain why I like Mewtwo so much? Like really? He’s the most interesting character in all of Pokémon, and one of the few with character development that had a beginning and an end (even though I feel that end could’ve been expanded on in the 16th movie if Kunihiko Yuyama wasn’t being an idiot).

Also, because I’m such a Mewtwo nerd, I know today’s his birthday according to the games. Soooo is he 20 now xD? He can legally drink in Japan, then, but not without breaking down and analyzing it first to see how beneficial it is to him.