As per the many questions/requests I’ve had about this! Fun, colorful hair looks amazing on all skin tones! If you want a certain hair color, just go for it!! ♥︎ I hope this helps show how amazing all colors of hair can look! 

Credit for images (please do not delete!!)
Burgundy: One Two Three Four Five
Red: One Two Three Four Five
Red and Orange: One Two Three Four Five  
Orange: One Two Three Four Five 
Orange and Yellow: One Two Three Four Five
Yellow: One Two Three Four Five
Yellow and Green: One Two Three Four Five
Green: One Two Three Four Five
Green and Blue: One Two Three Four Five
Blue: One Two Three Four Five
Blue and Purple: One Two Three Four Five
Purple: One Two Three Four Five
Purple and Pink: One Two Three Four Five
Pink: One Two Three Four Five
White: One Two Three Four Five