Nietzsche and Gutenberg (Oct 2014 - September 30th 2016) 

Goodbye, sweet boys!
I just came back from the vets. We helped Nietzsche and Gutenberg to cross the rainbow bridge. the both lost weight within the last 2 weeks and started to refuse food. Gutenberg had a tumor in his belly. I don’t know exactly what Nietzsche made so miserable. Maybe he just knew his buddy would die and wanted to follow him. Maybe he was feeling old and weak himself. 
I’ll miss them so much. Gutenberg was always a strong, quite dominant and very curious rat. He was an explorer and leader. Nietzsche was always very calm. He could get along with every other rat but was very shy towards humans. He liked the security of his cage. 
You’ll always have a place in my heart. I love you boys!

🎃 Halloween Celebration 🎃

Hey guys!! I know I’ve been inactive, but to make up for it, I thought we could have a celebration in the Carry On fandom for Halloween!!! Here some ideas of things we could do:

  • watch Halloween movies together, like all watch them at the same time and talk to each other about them
  • make Halloween aesthetics
  • do Halloween drawings with or without the Carry On people
  • do a cover of a Halloween song
  • write Halloween fics for the Carry On people
  • anything else festive you can think of!!

There aren’t any rules or anything, and it lasts the entire month of October!! just please reblog this to spread the word, and participate if you’d like pls i thrive of constant validation