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hey btw im claiming red velvets red flavor as a new fresh lesbian anthem, hettys stay away…


I made Sour Cherry Scones for our golden boy’s birthday!!! They smelled absolutely amazing when baking, and when I ate one, it tasted like a literal piece of heaven fell from the sky in the form of sweet and sour cherries and buttery doughy goodness. No wonder Simon loves them so much.

Happy 20th Birthday Simon Snow. Give Baz a kiss for me. :D

You’ve shown her your scars
the disease in your heart
she will heal them without you knowing it
my God… she’ll turn thunders
into rainbows
in your chaotic world
her laugh grows flowers
she’s a peacemaker
she’s magical
can’t you see it?
what’s stopping you?
—  zc

DjShawn Upcoming Hit Maker and Super Star Dj in The Rainbow Mix!

* Live In Your World Come Party In Mine!!

For the ultimate Gay Mix!

★★★★★I AM proud to bring you the Ultimate Gay MIX! Watch this space!
© Dj Shawn

Dj Shawn The One And Only!
A ★★★★★DJ for the last 20 Years (Shawn) has played at major GAY Clubs and Events and has a following of thousands of Fans and Friends from all over SOUTH AFRICA.
He always delivers a SUPER Smash Set & you can ALWAYS count on having a BLAST once he’s behind the decks- From the latest Hits to the Greatest Oldies.
He Loves his Music and bringing LGBT party anthems to life!

He also produce his very own mixes to give his audience a one-of-a-kind experience and of club hits in the mix!
From Humble beginnings he started @ Appolo then moved on to main set @-Gay Heart Lands/PURPLE FLY-Stardust “Joburg Guests” Main set-Ramp DIVAS-BITCH*-Main floor/set.
Known as ONE OF SA’s Top Gay DJ, Shawn has played together with household names like DJ SONIQUE at the Standard Bank ARENA-Gay Pride Joburg, DJ Surge, DJ Derek The Bandit, DJ Costa & the Popular MCQP Party’s in Cape Town.

Once again he is ready to rock your world exclusive to the Gay Club, Pretoria Pride & Bear Fest 2017!

“LIVE IN YOUR WORLD, COME PARTY IN MINE” – DJ Shawn, Out Loud & Proud ready to bring you the Ultimate Gay MIX! Watch this space!


Verified Official

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