rainbow vest


I stayed up way too late to finish this, haha. <3 But was worth it. I still want to add more star bead work all over, but for the most part this is done.  This vest has lots of vintage fabric on it, like Care Bears, My Little Pony, Lady Lovely Locks, and Popples.  The Little Twin star fabric is not vintage but it sure is cute as hell. Also has some of my own fabric I got printed at spoonflower, 2 custom Cardcaptor Sakura patches by Cherriesama, resin stars [x], and mint/pink spikes.


Today’s Look: Rainbow Crust. Working off of @fuckaspunk‘s suggestion for my outfit challenge post, I put this together in a couple of hours. Vest, shirt, pants, spiked garters, cross necklace and patches by me! (everything else is thrifted)

Sign of the times

Finally gave it a listen. Not being here as often has done me a world of good and somehow only today I noticed it in my Youtube suggestions. On a day off, with some space in my head to be filled. It frightens me a little. You listen to songs from your own perspective, you hear what resonates with your life at that time the most. And while the reviews speak of a mature relationship, grief, making the same mistakes over and over again, communicating better, what I heard was the bullets that have been fired at us, at them, over and over again. Somehow it tells me that there’s a reason for crying, and for getting far away from here. To meet again, far away from here. This song makes me really sad. Cause it told me they only tell us the end is near. But we’ve been thinking that for so long. We gotta get away from here.

I’m just picturing all the rogues at pride with their own float in the lawful-verse and it’s great like:

  • Jon wearing a demi pride shirt, he has a trans pride flag painted on his cheek and the back of his left hand.
  • Ed has on an agender pride flag, like the actual flag, as a cape, it does not match the poly pride shirt he’s wearing at all.
  • Harley, Selina, and Pam have matching bi pride crop tops, they keep taking selfies together because they match.
  • Drury wearing a gay pride tank next to Garfield in an ace pride tank, they are holding hands.
  • Croc’s entire upper body is just the bi pride flag, he got Harley to do it.  He is screaming very loudly.
  • They managed to get Oswald to wear a rainbow vest for the occasion and a matching rainbow tie, he’s a very proud birb when he realizes he looks pretty good.
  • Harvey has a split vest and tie, one side is the poly flag, the other is the bi flag, it matches about as well as ed’s cape and shirt match.
  • Jack’s on the back of the float in a pan pride vest with a yellow shirt, blue tie, and blue slacks, for the occasion he has dyed his hair bright pink and it won’t come out for another 3 weeks.  He is screaming along with Croc, very loudly.
  • It comes to everyone’s attention about halfway down the parade that Jack and Croc are intentionally belting Chandelier by Sia off-key.
  • Jason is on the float semi-reluctantly with Dick.  They are wearing tank tops with the bi and pan pride flags, respectively.
  • Jervis is on the float too but his shirt has “Straight af” printed on it in black letters and it matches Drury and Garfield’s shirts because theirs say “Gay af” and “Ace af” respectively.  They sit in a triangle the entire time with sunglasses on.  All of their sunglasses say “BITCH” in sparkling letters because they’re adults.
  • Zsasz is sitting next to Jack and humming along to the off-key singing on-key, he has a matching ace pride tank to Garfields, and the same sunglasses.
  • As an added not Jon and Pam are also sporting the “BITCH” sunglasses.

And all of this is on one float that is definitely blasting Chandelier by Sia and the entire crowd actually goes wild when it passes because these jerks are part of Gotham and are accepted as part of Gotham.

Fic: The Bookshelf

In which Blaine stumbles upon a bookstore in search of a birthday present and finds so much more. ~3K. Cotton candy fluff. Klaine. Written for klaincheltina  ♥ ao3 link

It started with a quest for the perfect birthday present.

For his birthday, Tina had bought him The White Album, on vinyl, and although they had a thirty dollar limit, he was pretty sure she had cheated. He had no idea how he was going to top that, but he had to find something at least equal to it.

So his quest had begun. Blaine had been to what must have been hundreds of shops, but nothing felt right or fell within his price range. Today he was scouting through Chelsea, thanks to a recommendation by his work friend, Lena, who told him of this unusual, cheap, and not overly hipster vintage shop. Blaine glanced down again at the address on his phone and when he looked up, he saw it: a black cat, sitting in the window of a store across the street.

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