rainbow trash

“most women want to be Cinderella right? But i feel like I’m Cinderella.”

well he sure is pretty enough to be cinderella imo lolol

(call him day 10 at night if ur wondering when this is)

Bisexual Remus Lupin having a crush on Sirius

-Bisexual Remus Lupin having a huge crush on Sirius Black
-And Remus would be fucking terrified because Sirius is one of his only friends and he’s already a werewolf but now he’s got a crush on a guy too
-And after the others find out about his lunar problems they begin to see something is wrong with Remus again
-Sirius is so nice and tries to comfort him and find out what’s wrong
-Remus falls even harder for this kind boy
-And he’s so funny, and Remus sees every small movement
-from the way he ruffles his hair to mess it up to Sirius’ laughter to how his tongue pokes out when he’s sleeping
-Remus is so far in and finally James decides something needs to be done
-because he notices everything wrong with his friends and this was no exception
-so he stays awake one night, real late, and keeps Remus up with him
-and he asks him “what’s wrong, mate? you’ve been acting strange and we’re all worried. especially Sirius.”
-and he’s right Sirius is worried beyond compare. he’s been tugging at his hair and biting his nails trying to figure out what’s wrong with his Remus
-and Remus feels tears well up in his eyes but he looks back at the homework he’s working on and ignores the gentle expression James gives him
-“nothing’s wrong”
-And James can’t get it out of him no matter what so he switches positions and wakes up Sirius
-Sirius sits too close to Remus and he can feel his heartbeat and the soft material of his pyjamas
-He sits quietly with him, letting Remus sniffle for a few minutes
-“why are you sad?”
-Remus already feels tears go over the edge of his eyes and Sirius reaches over and wipes them away before grabbing his hand
-Remus is overcome with so much emotion that he can barley talk
-and he hides his face into Sirius’ hair, for what he thinks is the last time
-“I love you.”
-it’s barely a whisper but Sirius is sitting up against him and he can hear Remus’ breath against his ear
-“I love you too”
-and Remus stiffens and relaxes in the timespan of a couple seconds
-he slips his hand out of Sirius’
-“no, not like I love you.”
-Sirius understands
-Sirius grabs his hand again
-Sirius smiles and hugs Remus hard
-“It’s okay. I still love you.”
-James creeping down and seeing them hugging
-He makes himself known and Sirius tells him
-“Moony has a crush” he gloats
-And Remus blushes and laughs with them
-“yeah, I’ve got a crush”
-And it’s not awkward between them ever
-but maybe James catches Remus staring for ages
-and maybe once when they were drunk Peter saw them snogging in the corner
-and maybe Remus didn’t quite get over his crush quickly
-But Sirius and James and Peter and even Lily when she found out were always supportive of him

-(also Bisexual Remus Lupin crying harder than anyone when Sirius Black died because maybe it’d been over a decade since he’d been with him but he still loved that man more than anything)