rainbow spirit

I revamped some of the Steven/Crystal Gem fusions I did awhile back because… well I didn’t like a lot of things about them. Obviously they’ll all be proven wrong when the canon fusions eventually come out but it’s fun to think about what they’d look like!

Tangerine Quartz - Steven + Peridot

Smoky Quartz - Steven + Amethyst

Cherry Quartz - Steven + Garnet

Rainbow Quartz - Steven + Pearl

Spirit Quartz - Steven + Lapis

Melon Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cherry Quartz, Rainbow Quartz, Spirit Quartz

Compilation of all the Steven/Crystal Gems fan fusions & I did and Smoky as well for comparison ✌️

edit: Made a couple of changes, made Smoky bigger in comparison to the rest, made Cherry’s eyes darker and switched around Rainbow Quartz’s eyes, I felt like they didn’t look different enough from the original RQ and that they didn’t look like they had any Steven coming across, so, I’m happier with that design now

I was in a spirited away kind of mood today! Enjoy these soot poof inspired nails! Also, if you have never seen spirited away, you should give it a go. Fantastic movie!

Oh, and the little things the boiler room man throws at the soot poofs for food (I think) are little sugar ball candies called Konpeitō. I have had these before and they are like tiny rock candies but ya know… ball shaped. I didn’t read this anywhere so I may be wrong but that’s my theory!

Breaking through the atmosphere
And things are pretty good from here