rainbow snowflakes

(Carcino Giovanna)

It was inevitable and I warned you that I was going to write a SnowBaz song in Baz’s point of view

Let me unveil a story that I will never tell
Let me send myself into flames again
Let him get some sleep
Some peace from prophecies that fill his mind
Like lies fill mine
Free his mind
Like he frees mine

It’s hopeless, that I know
In fact, that’s the operative word,
He brings me to the constellations,
Constantly better than expectations
If I’m built for hate, he’s built for love,
And if he is so much, I’m not enough,

Sing me a swan’s song,
Wrap me up in gold,
For the monster’s in love with Simon Snow
We might just be the heirs of war,
But while your heart is warm, mine is oh so cold
As cold as snow

And as the temperatures run higher,
We’ll find what we desire
My heart built like catacombs,
How to get out no one knows,
As we stay alive,
Do you see everyday I’m dying over you?


Sing me a swan’s song,
Wrap me up in gold,
For the monster’s in love with Simon Snow
We might just be the heirs of war,
But while your heart is warm, mine is oh so cold
As cold as snow

I’m drawn to fire and the things that burn me most,
I’m drawn to you like a shadow to a ghost,
And life goes on,
We carry on
Life goes on
We carry on.


Sing me a swan’s song,
Wrap me up in gold,
For the monster’s in love with Simon Snow
We might just be the heirs of war,
But while your heart is warm, mine is oh so cold
As cold as snow

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  • Every fandom ever: omg my ship is so perfect, why can't they see they're meant for each other???!!
  • Carry on fandom: AHAHAHAhAHAhaHAAHAHAHAahaAHA
  • Carry on fandom: IN YOur FACE
  • Carry on fandom: TAKE THAT *punts carry on cover art*
  • Carry on fandom: AND THAT *rolls in romantic quotes*
  • Carry on fandom: AAAANNNND THAT! *hurls chapter 61*

Simon Snow, I choose you.

Snow doesn’t flinch or soften. For a moment, I think he is going to take a swing at me- or bash his rock-hard head against mine. Instead he shoves his face into mine and kisses me. It’s still a challenge. -Carry On

Hahaha you all thought I was done with my Leaver’s Ball art. Don’t underestimate the fact that I am total Carry On trash.


봄 - spring
여름 - summer
가을 - fall
겨울 - winter

1. WEATHER (날씨) :
비 - rain
눈 - snow
바람 - wind
해 - sun
장마 - rainy season
가뭄 - dry weather
기온 - temperature
눈송이 - snowflake
무지개 - rainbow
구름 - cloud
우비 - rain jacket
우산 - umbrella
해나요 - (to be) sunny
더워요 - (to be) hot
추워요 - (to be) cold
흐려요 - (to be) cloudy
습해요 - (to be) humid
따듯해요 - (to be) warm
나쁜 날씨 - bad weather
좋은 날씨 - good weather
“날씨가 어때요?” - what’s the weather like?

2. NATURE (자연) :
하늘 - sky
빛 - light
하늘 - sky
달 - the moon
태양 - the sun
별 - star
가지 - branch
불 - fire
꽃 - flower
숲 - forest
잔디 - grass
잎 - leaf
식물 - plant
나무 - tree
물결 - wave
지구 - world


Part 1       Part 2

For @4wksoffluff

Summary: Baz and Simon are locked out of school together for the night accidentally (the drawbridge goes up). Inspired by the snippet of Cath’s fanfic ‘Secrets, Stars and AeroBars’ in Fangirl. 

  “Aleister Crowley, Snow,” Baz snarks sharply. “Fucking of course you would get us locked out for the night. Of bloody course.” He’s pacing around angrily. We were out here arguing and I didn’t realize the drawbridge was going up. He turned around and started walking away, so I grabbed his arm and kept shouting at him - I didn’t realize he was trying to get back into school before the drawbridge went up. He’s still muttering angrily now, but more to himself, just wandering around with his head in his hands. He circles back around to me and says, “Bloody hell, Snow. Do you have a plan?”

“No,” I utter, defeated. “I’m sorry Baz,” I say looking down at the ground. I don’t want to look up again and see all the anger in his eyes, They’re all stormy grey and emotive and it’s just too much.

“Shit, Snow. Shit, shit, shit. We’re gonna be stuck out here all night now, because of you. I can’t believe you didn’t notice the drawbridge going up. What kind of idiot are you?” He’s really pissed off, and I’m honestly wondering if I’m going to survive the night out here with him. He seems in a very murderous mood. I sit down under a yew tree, leaning back against its trunk and sighing heavily; the branches are surrounding me, lengthy and twisting like they’re reaching out to grab me. What have I done?

  Baz disappeared for a while, but he’s back now, along with a variety of fruits and mysterious looking plants. He wriggles his cupped hands so that the contents slide into a pile on the ground.

“What’s that,” I ask.

“Food.” He says bluntly.

“Why? And did you get that from the Wavering Wood? Is that even safe?” I ask him skeptically.

“Yes. Christ, Snow, it’s safe. It’s not a bloody radioactive forest!” He looks exasperated, his hair is all loose and messy, and he’s sitting all bent over, elbows on the ground, chin in his palms. “And I got them because I know you can’t go thirty minutes without eating.” He shoots a look at me.

“Hey!” I complain. “I don’t eat every thirty minutes!”

“Alright then,” he says, “an hour.” I frown at him. “Just be happy I gathered some food, if you’d gone to do it yourself you wouldn’t have half a clue what was edible and what wasn’t.” He’s right, so I just mutter a nearly inaudible “thanks” and grab what looks like a brown pear and gobble it. Then I take another and a handful of mysterious berries and eat those too.

It’s getting dark, so the stars are starting to glitter the sky. It’s kind of nice, just being out here in the semi-darkness, the trees surrounding us, the air sweet and mossy, a blanket of quiet over the place. Even Baz was oddly pleasant tonight- getting me food and all. It’s different, but I like it; I could get used to this.

Baz is leaning against the other side of the tree now, a stash of mushrooms at his side. I’m just leaning against the thick trunk, eyes closed, hugging my blazer tighter around myself. I can hear Baz eating quietly behind me. My hand is resting in my pocket, and when I wriggle it I can feel something with thin and foily edges in there. I pull it out and see its a mint Aero bar I had in there from a couple of days ago, so I open it up and then tear a piece off and lean around the trunk to ask Baz if he wants any. It’s only fair - he went and gathered food.

“What the hell Snow?!” He says upon seeing my head popped around the trunk. He turns his face away from mine and pushes me. I’m surprised by the sudden anger over nothing, but then again it’s Baz, so I’m not really that surprised.

“I was just wondering if you wanted a bit of mint Aero,” I say once I’ve been pushed back around to the other side of the tree, “seeing you gathered food and all.”

“Don’t tell me it’s been in your pocket for a week,” he snarks back.

“Well… a couple of days,” I reply.

“That’s disgusting, Snow.”

“So, I take it you don’t want any.”

“That’s right.” I stop talking and pop a bit of Aero into my mouth, but I’m curious about the harsh reaction earlier so I enquire. “What was with the pushing before, Baz?”

“Nothing,” he says.


I lean back and curl up into a ball, closing my eyes. The sound of Baz’ breathing is enough to send me soundly to sleep.

Sinnamon Scones
  • Simon: Nobody is seducing a vampire!
  • Baz internally: Really? No one? No one comes to mind? Absolutely no one? Quite sure? I want to kill you rn. Also make out with you more. Finally taking you in front of Wellbelove after having to watch for so long! YOU FUCKING MORON HAVE BEEN SEDUCING A VAMPIRE FOR 7 YEARS WITH YOUR GOLDEN BROWN HAIR, BLUE EYES, AND ADORABLE MOLES!!!
  • Baz externally: *frowns*
Carry On Fandom I need you!

For my University Project I am actually allowed to illustrate Carry On! And I need urgent help with the decision which scenes to draw!

Given to my former research of fitting in and conformity I sadly don’t want to focus too much on the Snowbaz part of the stpry but more on how SImon doesn’t really fit into any world (world of mages vs normals) but still feels like he belongs to his friends (if you get what I mean?

I’m going to draw up to four pictures and one of them should be a scene between Simon and Baz (I’m thinking of either Chapter 61 or the Universe scene) and the other shouldn’t focus too much on the romance part, as I said before. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK!! This would help me out so so much!!!
(Also another idea was to have a picture for each of the four parts of the book, maybe five if I include the epilogue…)

Thank you in advance for your answers and you can look forward to me uploading some (hopefully fantastic) fnaart in three weeks time! (thats the deadlline for my project…)

To all the Snowflakes

So ever since I read Carry On I’ve been part of the fandom here on Tumblr - sharing Secret Santa gifts and participating in challenges but I always feel like I’m missing out. Or rather I kinda miss a community - a forum in which I can exchange my opinions on different topics and get to know other fans. 

I can’t be the only girl with social anxiety that is part of the Snowflake/ Simon Snow/ Carry On/ Snowbaz fandom and even texting people on Tumblr makes me feel afraid. Like: What if I bother them? What if they don’t want to talk to me? I would love to make some friends in this fandom, to have people that I can share my excitement with, but I’m just too scared to put myself out there. (You can’t imagine how much courage it took for me to publish this letter-thingy.)

Still, I’m not a technic expert and even though I manage most things just fine I have no idea if/ how it would be possible to launch such a forum - an ongoing discussion or chat where nobody has to feel left out. Does anyone know how to do something like this? And would other fans be interested in something like this as well? 

Another thing I could imagine is hosting it as a small website where in one section you can also find upcoming/ current challenges or prompts like the Carry On Valentine’s Celebration that is going on right now.

I would love to hear your opinion on this and maybe we can make it possible?

Double Date

For @4wksoffluff

Summary: Micah is coming to visit and Baz, Simon, Penny and Micah have decided to go out on a double date. Short one-shot. (692 words). 

  Penny is in her room getting dressed, and Baz is in the bathroom presumably preening his hair, so it’s just Micah and I waiting out in the living room. We’ve already been through all the small talk earlier today, so it’s a bit awkward, but Micah breaks the silence.

“What’s up with you and Baz?” He asks. Which is fine, the guy’s just curious. “I seem to remember you despising each other when I was at Watford on exchange.” He says the ‘despising’ part quietly like he’s scared someone will tell him off for it, or get offended.

“Oh, yeah. Well, we did, at that point, I suppose. Things changed.” He doesn’t look satisfied with the answer, but he’s too nice to probe any further. I decide to go on, he looks like he really is interested in knowing more.

“Has Penny never told you this?” I ask, and he shakes his head. “Well, we got together around Christmas last year.” I swallow anxiously, remembering the time. It’s December again now, and I’ve been thinking about that whole time a lot. It’s hard, but my counselor says it’s normal to have things on your mind around the anniversary of the event, and it’s better to sort through it than push it away.

“That sounds romantic,” he says with a slight smile. “Christmas and all.”

“Yeah,” I keep going, “it was a hard time, but at least something good came out of it.” I smile down, looking at my lap. I think I’ve explained enough, and when I look up he seems happy with the answer.

  We’re just going into another period of silence when Baz walks out and drops down next to me on the couch, thank Crowley. Micah is a great guy, but we really don’t seem to have a lot to discuss.

“What’ve you two been discussing?” He asks, with a sly smile on his lips.

“Oh, not much,” I say. Micah looks slightly guilty, like he feels he shouldn’t have invaded our personal lives, but really it’s fine. He wasn’t invasive. He seems to care so much about things, I can see why Penny likes him.

  Penny comes out of her room just after Baz has sat down, looking fantastic. She’s wearing this glittery purple scarf, and she’s left her hair out, wild and falling over her shoulders.

“Shall we head off?” She asks, grabbing the keys from the counter. Everyone ‘yep’s in agreement, and we’re out the door.

  It was Penny’s idea, doing the double date. Micah had been planning to come over for ages, and Penny suggested, well, demanded, that they have at least one ‘proper date night’ all together. Baz looked skeptical at first, but he came around.

“Come on Baz,” she’d said. “We can go to a fancy restaurant and all.” He still looked unsold. “We’ll go to the Planetarium and you can show off your star knowledge.” He looked more into it, but not quite all in yet. “Do it for me, Baz. For Simon.”

“Fine,” he’d agreed, “this Micah guy better be fantastic though. I won’t have you dragging me along for a dingy night.”

“Oh, he’s fantastic.” She’d replied with a grin.

  Baz seemed to really enjoy Micah. He’s really into the magickal history, and he knows a heap about U.K history, for some reason. Maybe he studied it to impress Penny, or maybe there’s just something about the U.K that really sparks his interest- who knows? They seem to be getting on like a house on fire on our way down the road to the ultra modern restaurant we picked out, talking away about this and that.

“Look at that,” Penny nudges my shoulder, “our boyfriends hitting it off.”

“I’m really glad Baz likes Micah,” I say. “I mean, I knew he would, and that he’d try to be nice even if he didn’t, but it really is good to see them getting on.”

“Yeah,” Penny agrees. It’s comforting knowing that our boyfriends get along, that that can’t be a factor that lets us drift apart. Not that Penny would ever let us drift apart, and neither would I.

FIN. I hope you enjoyed!