rainbow slinkies and unicorns

How Normal People See the Fandoms
  • Harry Potter: The fandom of gay witchcraft and shit-storm wizardry
  • Doctor Who: Anglophiles who believe in aliens
  • Torchwood: Doctor Who for hipsters
  • Marvel: Superhero-obsessed nerds who can't and won't grow up and get a life. (LOOOOOOOKKKKKIIIIII!!!!!!!!)
  • Supernatural: A group of leather jacket-wearing geeks who are the only people on the planet who look forward to encountering the paranormal. Don't let them near the salt shakers.
  • Homestuck: The epitome of fandom trash. They're /those/ weirdos who drink Faygo, wear colorful zodiac shirts, and don horns in candy corn colors. Their hobbies include fighting in shipping wars and bathing in gray paint.
  • Hetalia: Crazy women (and men) who ship literally everything and are currently planning to take over the internet with their fucked up social media posts and angsty fanfictions. Fear them.