rainbow skittles

Homophobic kpop fangirls be like

Gay male idol: “I like men.”

Fangirls: He just meant his fans, GEEZ. Don’t jump to conclusions!! There’s NO WAY of telling his sexuality! Now let me get back to my straight ship fanfics…

Gay male idol: *kisses another man*

Fangirls: It was just a little peck between friends!! You just don’t understand Korean skinship!!

Gay male idol: *grabs another man’s crotch*

Fangirls: SKINSHIP!!!

Gay male idol: *gives another man a blowjob*

Fangirls: Look at what a good friend he is, a little brojob never hurt anyone!

one of my lovely instagram folowers asked me if i was posting this picture on here so i decided that i may as well hehe  v(⌒o⌒)v

An Underswap version of @tratserenoyreve‘s Seraphim Sans. I made the Underfell version a few days ago and I practically thought “why the heck haven’t I made a swap version yet?” and this happened. He would probably have snazzy armor since he does want to be a part of the royal guard. Undyne would probably flip over his sword.

I have a few ideas of why Underswap would take the souls but its free for interpretation.

Who knows, I might make an Outertale one. god, that’d be hard.

But anyway, enjoy the Knight of Rainbows and Skittles.

zaffrelane  asked:

Hi Ashley, everything has been skittles and rainbows since Sunday. Episode 7.12 had wonderful Richonne moments that left me on a rollercoaster of emotions. As I look at the scenes of the upcoming episode next week, I continue to ponder why Michonne and Carol aren't besties? I know they consider each other family, but I would love to see them have a bond on the show. I feel like they would understand each other as mothers and warriors. They both also have unique relationships with Rick.

Oh man, I’m right there with you. I would love to see them talk, much less, be close friends. It doesn’t make sense, because you’re right - they have so much in common, including Rick, they should be friends. Or even enemies. But I can’t think of them ever saying more than a couple of words to each other. 

And it’s true for most of the women on this show, unless they’re arguing with each other, which is frustrating, because these are actually their best characters. So it continues to boggle my mind that they write them so well individually, but refuse to write them interacting with each other? I feel like Tara and Judith spoke longer than Michonne has ever talked to any of the other ladies, and I wanna shake Gimple for doing this to me. Why can’t we get more of that Maggie/Sasha good shit we got in 7x05? Female friendships shouldn’t be implied.

I’ve seen this on Instagram a lot and i just want to say: guys, pleaaaaaase do not do this!!! You could literally kill someone who has a peanut allergy. This is so unsafe! Mix the skittles and M&M’s but don’t trick people into eating peanut products, its not okay.