rainbow sharks


Spotted by @artofwomenhawaii ! Elusive merfolk migrating through #Hawaii. Please report sightings with @hawaiianmerman and @mermaidharmony!

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The Signs As Sharks

Aries- Bull Shark 

-highly aggressive,

-most dangerous shark in the world

Taurus- Tiger Shark 

-large sharks, extremely dangerous to people when provoked

-eats anything 

Gemini- Mako Shark

-extremely aggressive

-fastest species of shark 

Cancer- Nurse Shark

-normally docile and calm

-becomes extremely aggressive when assumed to be harmless

Leo- Great White Shark 

-Most well known shark, what most people immediately think of when they think “shark”

-big and imposing 

-thought to be extremely dangerous but is actually rarely aggressive past curiosity 

Virgo- Thresher Shark

-Uses precision of tail to stun or kill prey

-beautiful rainbow shaped tail

Libra- Leopard Shark

-extremely social, lives in schools

-easily identified by beautiful markings

Scorpio- Goblin Shark

-fearsome looking 

-extremely precise and skillful 

Sagittarius- Hammerhead Shark

-one of the most effective hunters

-senses movement of stingrays

-embarks on huge summertime migrations 

Capricorn- Frilled Shark

-traditional fossil shark (very little change over the years of evolution)

-rarely seen and does poorly in captivity 

Aquarius- Megalodon 

-extinct, but when they existed they were the largest marine animal to ever live

-fantastic and massive hunters

-still perplexes scientists 

Pisces- Whale Shark 

-large but gentle and slow moving

-playful and non-aggressive with divers

-gives rides

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Adventures with gckaf!

Mommy kept squealing over how cute the rainbow shark and koi made by himagurumi were, so I shoved them off the couch to get her attention back.

I am totally not spoiled.

Rainbow Shark (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum)

Also known as the Rainbow Sharkminnow, Whitefin Shark, or Ruby Shark, the rainbow shark is a species of “typical freshwater “shark”” (Epalzeorhynchos), a group of Cyprinid fish, that is native to the basins of the Mekong, Chao, Phraya, Xe Bangfai, and Maeklong rivers in Indonchina. Rainbow sharks typically occur in water with sandy substrates, near the river bottom. They are known to seasonally migrate into flooded areas and recedes back into the rivers. Rainbow sharks feed mainly on algae and plankton.


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Cypriniformes-Cyprinidae-Epalzeorhynchos-E. frenatum

Image: MerlinSenger