rainbow sequins

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I think you will find that H does more than five interviews- he is already down to go to BBC Radio 2 on the Saturday morning which is an older demo than Radio 1 which makes sense if it is really Bowie like. Point is that his rollout will be exemplary which makes it all the more painful for those of us who reside in Zayn's world. Friendly reminder that other than a few dial in calls for Pillowtalk Zayn has done 0 promotion in UK or elsewhere- those of you in the US should look on the bright side!

I’m both boobs in agreement about Harry’s rollout. I’m fully expecting it to be like a Business Hoe Olympics. I’m happy for Harry because he’s a glorious daytime sequins wearing rainbow sparkle pony and he and his cleavage should be treasured, but I’m also low key a sad trombone. Compared to Harry’s olympic level business hoe rollout, Zayn’s was and is like watching public access television on the off hours. 

Zayn’s entire solo rollout: