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Pretty Rhythm All-Star Selection Best 10!

Quick question, how many of you folks have seen this movie? How many of you even know a theatrical Pretty Rhythm movie existed before the PriPara era?

I think the only reason I knew about it is because it’s mentioned in the intro to Prism Tours. (Mia gets mad that it’s a PriPara movie and not a Pretty Rhythm All-Stars movie.)

A while back I tried to find it online, gave up, and added the DVD to my Amazon wishlist where it sat for a while. Even after I bought it, it then sat by my TV for a couple months just because I couldn’t bring myself to watch what I thought would be the last Pretty Rhythm girls thing I would see. (But with Pretty All Friends, that might not be true now!)

Anyway I was finally in the right mood tonight to pop in the DVD. It’s one of the  most cheaply-made DVDs I have ever bought that wasn’t in the dollar bin. Nothing in the case but the disc, unskippable trailers, no features except for chapter select. Not even subtitles! But then I looked at the back and realized this is a rental copy, so maybe there was a proper one released…..

Anyway, about the movie, it’s basically the same as the other performance mashup movies. Momo and Penguin-sensei count down the top 10 Prism Shows (although based on what I do not know). 

Although there is not much new animation, I am going to talk about some of the funny parts that did happen below:

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I’m trying to catch up as fast as I can, without uploading anything beyond Nov. 1, but then because of that these are looking so rushed and terrible, but I already committed to this so I might as well:

Day 17 - Amou June from Pretty Rhythm, because her hair is so crazy I just had to try to draw it.

Day 18 - Oka Ruto from YanSim, i’m not fan of the project anymore but Oka’s okay.

Day 19 - Toga Himiko from Bnha because she is best girl

Day 20 - Ibuki Mioda, as a request by my sister

Day 21 - Shion Kamiya because I had a convenient blue green highlighter.