rainbow post it notes


sportacus taking robbie to a pride parade and robbie starts crying out of happiness because he finally feels comfortable and accepted


I’m so full of power, I feel like I can see without opening my eyes. Like I could go nova if I wanted to and have my own galaxy. Is this what it’s like to be Simon Snow? To have infinity in your chest pocket? - Carry On, Rainbow Rowell

I’ve Got You Carved On My Heart

The Magicians, Quentin and Eliot

Word count: 2,700

Summary: For the anon who prompted me with “queliot + post-it’s” like three weeks ago. Post season 2.

The first one Eliot sees is on the throne room floor. He furrows his brow, bends over and picks up the bright yellow post-it note ambiguously thrown to the floor. Part of him wonders how it got here because post-it notes don’t exist in Fillory, or at least, not that he’s aware. But another part figures Quentin dropped it sometime before Magic disappeared, and it’d somehow been swept through the castle to find itself to him. The theory seems even more valid when he unfolds the crumpled ball, and reads, in Quentin’s handwriting,

There has to be a solution.

He checks to make sure there’s nobody else in the throne room before silently slipping the post-it in his back pocket and heading down the hall.

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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week

Day 3 (part 1): Favorite Head-cannon

Lex was and is incredibly supportive of Lena not being straight. When she first came out to him all he did was smile and say “Cool. I also love women. I guess we have that in common.” And then he wrapped her in a huge hug.

After Lionel and Lillian found out, Lena was openly ridiculed for it by them in the house and Lex made it his mission to support her enough to make up for it. So every chance he got he would by some type of trinket for Lena that somehow related to her sexuality. He would buy her rainbow flags, baseball caps that said Pride, shirts that said Girls like Girls, and anything he could find.

After one particularly mean dinner with the parents, Lena was nearly in tears from the things that were said. So Lex, being the wonderful brother he was, decided enough was enough.

An hour after dinner, Lena heard yelling in the house and sneaked downstairs to see what was going on. Lex had covered the entire house in rainbow flags, multi color post it notes, and every other item he could find.  Lena finally heard what was being said and realized Lex had used a Luthor Corp developed adhesive which would take weeks to get off the walls. Lena watched with tears in her eyes as Lex took everything that was dealt to him.

Once the yelling was over and Lex was given his punishment, he walked over to Lena to head up to his room. As he passed he winked and said “Totally worth it. Love you, little sister.”

6.8.15 - everything finally arrived! the mildliners took a while but arrived just this morning and it made me so happy! ps i never really buy myself anything so it was a special treat to myself! ahh so happy 💛😸

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Percy/Annabeth: final, fade, eyes (sorry)

It starts small.

A forgotten assignment here and there. A couple of missed classes. Running late for appointments and dates. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, really, since he’s always had trouble focusing on the more mundane aspects of life and keeping his scatterbrained thoughts in line. Twenty-three year olds are allowed to forget things; it’s perfectly natural.

But it gets worse and soon, it’s apparent it’s not ordinary or natural.

It’s forgotten names, faces, and facts — things he’d just been told five minutes ago needing to be repeated while events and schedules from two, four, six years ago take precedence in his mind. It’s getting lost on the way to his mother’s house and not recognizing it when he’s escorted to the front door by two police officers late on a Wednesday evening.

It’s not being able to read subway maps or problem solve, increasing confusion with everyday tasks and fierce frustration when he doesn’t understand.

It’s angry phone calls and screaming, illogical arguments, and quiet, fear-filled conversations while curled in bed on dark, moonless nights.

“I didn’t forget you last time. You were the only thing I remembered. The only thing. I won’t forget you, I promise. I can’t.”

It’s an entire life, crumbling underneath him and fading as another day passes. It’s a good, bright future taken by an old and powerful curse, and replaced with the proper tragic ending he deserves.

It’s twenty-three years crammed into Post-It notes scattered over his bedroom, a rainbow trail of memories and reminders, leading the way out the door each morning. It’s the final one note taped to the corner of the door jamb at eye level,  written in her best bold print on neon blue paper.

Your name is Percy Jackson and I love you. You won’t forget.

And it’s a lie.


Reaction fic to 6x08 - takes place in early 6x08
Klaine, 830 words, A03.

Kurt is returning a book on the history of Broadway to the McKinley library when he sees the back of a familiar head. Blaine is leaning back in a chair, his legs stretched out in front of him, dark red Oxford shoes propped up on the table.

“What brings you here?” Kurt asks as he comes up next to Blaine. There’s an array of books spread out on the table in front of him: some worn Goosebumps volumes, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and books by Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and John Green. Some of them have rainbow colored post-it notes sticking out from their pages.

Blaine looks up at Kurt slowly, obviously focused on the Madeline L'Engle book he is reading. “Kurt. Hi.” He shakes his head and smiles, looking at the scene in front of him.

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some jonnor headcanons/aus

  • jude and connor going to pride parades and jude hanging out with the trans/non binary people while connor parties it up with the gays and lesbians
  • going to any gay events and jude doing the face he does @ the word gay but going bc connor really wants to go
  • jude getting called a fag at school and connor literally beating the living shit out of the fuckboy who said it resulting in detention; lena fighting the school rules and saying that offensive terms should be banned
  • jude insisting that they need to pay more attention to trans rights and getting connor super informed on all the problems having to do with trans violence
  • connor writing out long ass instagram captions for jude’s birthday and jude just liking the picture; jude posting a sneaky pic of connor with a simple ‘happy birthday *heart emoji*’ and connor typing out a long ass response
  • on the instagram note, half of connor’s posts being rainbows and #lovewins and jude having like three posts on his entire page 
  • connor dragging jude to gay clubs where all the gays instantly fall in love with connor and he gets dragged on stage while jude takes videos but then connor pulls him up on stage


where it all started: http://calumspizzabox.tumblr.com/post/127515193539/one-thousand-notes