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How can an octopus be so colorful? 🐙 🌈

Many cephalopods have special cells in their skin tissue called chromatophores, which enable them to change color rapidly. A part of their neuromuscular system, these cells receive signals from the environment than an octopus can use to inform color change. Chromatophores can help octopodes like this one in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary blend in with their surroundings or flash a warning to predators! 


Are you excited for World Turtle Day? From tiny, cute baby turtles to massive 1,500 pound leatherbacks, these fascinating animals can be found in almost every ecosystem around the world. Carrying their shells, they’re at home wherever they roam. Human intervention has threatened some turtle species, so please make sure you don’t disturb or distract them, especially nesting sea turtles. Photo of green sea turtles at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge by Daniel W. Clark, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Started going through my head right after I saw the election results last week…

Be brave and be kind.

-The National, “Baby, We’ll Be Fine”

Kuretake brush pen, Winsor & Newton alcohol markers, stencil, and Micron pens on an atlas page.

Summer at Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in Alaska is short but sweet. Vibrant colors radiate during long days and caribou, bears, wolves, muskox and fox roam the landscape past mountains and rivers yet to be named. With no roads or trails, the remote park demands visitors to be self-sufficient. The beauty and solitude is their reward. Photo by National Park Service.

Many Glacier is considered the heart of Glacier National Park in Montana. Massive mountains, active glaciers, sparkling lakes, hiking trails and abundant wildlife make this a favorite of visitors and locals alike. Photo from last summer at Swiftcurrent Lake courtesy of Tiffany Nguyen.

~National Coming Out Day~

Okay. I did it.

I came out to my parents as pansexual.

They didn’t mind. My mom honestly just said ‘oh, is that it?’, as if it was an everyday thing.

I had panicked about telling them for WEEKS.

And they didn’t even scream or shout. They just said it was alright and that it’s something completely normal, and that as long as I’m happy they’re happy too… and honestly, I’m sad there aren’t more parents like mine.

They’re so open, and don’t care about anyone’s gender or sexuality, as long as the person isn’t rude, they won’t be either.

I love them❤️


Don’t forget that you’re all beautiful ❤️

Share some own coming out stories? 🌈