rainbow married

So I got married on Friday. I have a lot of pictures to wait on from my photographers but couldn’t resist sharing this sneak peak of my beautiful bridesmaids.

Each of them are utterly gorgeous (but had swapped to flip flops immediately following the ceremony 😂).

My theme was bright and colourful but my bridesmaids were essentially my very own sailor scouts. From left to right, my Jupiter, Mars, Neptune, Venus, Saturn and Uranus with me in the middle with my custom made Sailor Moon inspired dress.



notes: some gifs I don’t know how to repost with credit so I decide to write down their credit below the gif. ANY CONCERNS AND QUESTIONS LET ME KNOW I WILL TAKE THEM OFF RIGHT AWAY.

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P.S: Gally liked this pic on twitter. 

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okay, now that we have snow white being a canon supporter of Ruby and Dorothy, can we stop having her as a homophobic bigot being / the antagonist in stories that follow canon? Please?

Because you guys seem to forget, Snow White is very much like Mary Margaret, in the sense that she’s so saccharinely sweet on the idea of love.

She wouldn’t be against an LGBT relationship. She’d be suggesting the u-haul after the first date, and planning the wedding by the third.


”When I noticed it, his face was about here.
It can’t be true, it can’t be true…certainly not!? It’s a live show.
I thought he would stop at the last moment.
And then … it was warm.”

”And then … it was sweet. Please don’t worry. Because I love him.”

(Futari Tabi concert 2015.09.24 @ Nagoya.
During which Tsubasa also kissed Takki’s left cheek.
These were the first times ever something like this happened in front of fans)

Not really anything to do with being trans, or a boy, or a trans boy, but

Let kids be kids without criticizing the SHIT out of them. Let kids write self insert OCS. Let kids draw things that aren’t perfect and praise them like they belong in a gallery. Let them make rainbow haired OCS who marry both Jeff the Killer AND Junkrat. Make them feel good and don’t be a fucking asshole.

Imagine if this was Two Ghost Music Video

I want a Two Ghosts Music Video and at the start its “same lips red” so it goes to Louis’ lips. Then Its “Same eyes blue” and iy cuts to Louis’ eyes then its “same white shirt” so it scans down his body wearing a white shirt then its “couple more tattoos” and as its scanning down his body, Louis rubs over his arms (where his tattoos are and I want it to be Harry and Louis as ghosts or whatever and they’re like all upset and falling apart because they broke up and him singing “we not who we used to be” or whatever and then at the end, he touches Mitch and he turns back into human and they look at each other and smile and it ends. And when it first sings “we’re not who we used to be” it slowly zooms out and both of them are in white shirts and black jeans and Louis is facing the camera and Harry is facing Louis and singing and all the walls are white (maybe covered in their matching tattoos which are next to each other) then at the very end it Zooms out more and Mitch is standing there facing Harry and Harry slowly turns around then Mitch holds out his hand and Harry touches it which makes him human again and then Louis just fades (representing that maybe he moved on) and then it zoomed in on Harry and Mitch and they smiled then it ended.


Onces upon a time there was peasant boy Tsubasa who met the beautiful prince Takki. Tsubasa wanted to dance with Takki but that was impossible, Takki was only able to dance on ice while Tsubasa thought that’s too dangerous. But if Tsubasa would be able to make a spin, Takki said, they would be able to dance together on ice one day and do a pair spin. But it was a long and rocky road … (From TakiTsuba’s Disney on Ice)