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Fragments - Part 9

Word Count: 5766

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence 

A/N: Unbeta’d. Any mistakes are mine.

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Sam was normally the first one up every day, but today Dean and you were in the kitchen at the table way before Sam. Dean was playing Words With Friends with Mary while you were infatuated with sending snaps to Donna. “Dean!” You grabbed Dean and pulled him over, holding your phone out to take a selfie. “Flower crowns! Strike a pose!”

“Y/N.” Dean groaned but posed with you anyway. He secretly loved it, not that he’d ever admit it. “How did you even find out about Snapchat?”

“Donna downloaded it for me.”

“Remind me to kill her next time we see her.”

“Sure thing. Except you love it.” You smiled and batted your eyelashes. “Don’t think I haven’t seen you checking yourself out in the filters on my phone. You make an excellent duck face by the way.”

“Shut up.” Dean abruptly turned back to his game and laughed, sending a message to Mary. You peered over his shoulder, seeing that he played the word twerking.

“How are you gonna play a word that didn’t even exist when she was alive? That’s cheating.”

“It’s in the dictionary.” Dean shrugged. You scoffed and went back to playing with Snapchat filters, moving on from the flower crown to the puppy face.

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What have Sam and Dean noticed about Vince Vincente respectively?

It really seems like Sam has noticed his music.

Dean has noticed his butt, his crotch, his leopard prints and his rainbow wig.

Also - Sam, a fan of Vince Vincente’s, doesn’t remember a rainbow wig. Which is something that kinda catches people’s attention if someone wears it. So it’s possible that Dean’s mind has constructed that memory. You know, constructing memories of rainbow wigs on men wearing spiked codpieces, as a straight man’s mind does.

I want to add a little footnote. Dean has obviously strong feelings about Vince Vincente. He is not neutral about him. Earlier, in 12x04, when Sam is like “the rockstar?” Dean replies, “The douchebag!”. He is very vocal about his disdain for Vince’s on-stage persona.


a) Dean has a thing for hot rock stars. Especially if they have a very sexually-charged on-stage persona (spiked codpiece, leopard prints, not exactly demure clothing). His crush for Vince came in a very inappropriate time of his life. He needed to be John’s perfect son, damn that stupid guy with his stupid butt and his stupid sexy guitar, right? Ugh what a douchebag with his over-the-top outfits and all…

b) Dean felt betrayed by Vince. Now this is all speculation because we don’t know Vince’s sexuality; he might have been bisexual, but all we know is that he had a female partner and possibly several female lovers. It’s possible that either he was straight, or he wasn’t publicly known as queer anyway. Either way, young Dean sees this highly queer-coded guy, but the guy is straight (for real, or in Dean’s eyes).

“Don’t judge a book by his cover.” “Or a dude by his rainbow wig and leopard prints!”. Could this be interpreted, under the surface layer of “c’mon Dean he was over-the-top in his appearance but was an okay musician!” “No way”, as, “this douchebag used to dress and act like a queer person, but apparently you can’t judge a book by his cover - it was just a stage persona and the guy was just ‘queerbaiting’!”.

Let’s compare Vince Vincente with another character that has a very similar narrative to his - Gunner Lawless. Men past their prime, once famous and beloved artists in their fields, now aging and nearly forgotten, who make a deal with a demon and the devil respectively out of loneliness and desperation… Dean idolizes Gunner even after so many years; and what do we know about Gunner? That, when faced with a smitten male fan, he flirts back.

In an episode about rock stars, Dean doesn’t mention liking rock stars. He mentions liking gladiators, outlaws and pirates. *looks into the camera*


femme fashion

What the Doctor Whos wear to sleep in

One: Ebenezer Scrooge nightshirt, complete with nightcap.
Two: Footie pajamas. It’s adorable.
Three: Ruffled silk pajamas. Lace trim undies too probably.
Four: Buck naked, except for the scarf.
Five: Edwardian sleepwear with question marks embroidered on them.
Six: Rainbow leopard-print pajamas. Occasionally a cat kigurumi.
Seven: A tasteful silk robe over horrendous pajamas.
Eight: Victorian nightgowns.
Shalka: Just falls asleep in what they’re wearing
CoFD: Tacky Earth tshirts and novelty boxers.
Cushing: Something comfy and non-canonical

anonymous asked:

there's too much zayn drama on my dash and it makes me feel uncomfortable so i'm seeking refuge with your wonderful blog. i wish we could all just talk about harry's flower and louis' smile and doris' shoes and gemma+lottie instead :( so many wonderful things happened today and they're being overshadowed...

First things first, just to put this out there for everyone, if there’s a topic being discussed on your dash that makes you uncomfortable (or you just don’t want to see it), xkit has an extension that allows you to mute people. You don’t have to unfollow anyone or struggle to figure out how people are tagging so you can blacklist, you can just mute the folks who are discussing it, like you mute the tv when people who aren’t One Direction are performing on award shows. Then as the conversation dies down, you can unmute them as you please. It’s an easy way to keep your dash relatively free of what you don’t want to see, when you don’t want to see it. (Thanks, xkit guy, you’re tops!) Or, log out for a bit. Have a drink, read some fic, and be free of it. It’s okay to step away.

That said, let’s do a recap of today, shall we? We shall.

1. The gold boots made a triumphant return! I was afraid we’d never see them again, but our prayers to the patron saint (Laurent) of boots were heard.  

2. Flower child!Harry is real. What started as a rumor we feared would stay just that, became something beautiful and real. (*cue Scott McKenzie*) 

3. Sisters (in-law) are doing it for themselves. Just look at these beauties. So much family bonding happening today. Here for it.


5. Also, Harry provided us with this incredibly, erm…helpful…visual.

So, I’d say some pretty excellent things happened today.