rainbow jerks

So… What i think about errink? Well… Is my perfect otp!

But… What i think we can have (on the canon) closer to this (amazing) shipp?

I think something like… 

…Ink joking with Error and flirting just for make him feel desconfortable or mad. And is pretty funny, i think…  

Aaaaand we have the joke! :D 

 Poor souless skeleton!

 And i cant resist make a cute scene on the final.

(and i tried to have a new style for drawn Error, but i dont like it… I gonna go back to the usual)

(Sorry for my bad english ;u;)

Ink belongs to @comyet / @myebi

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies

“What are you-”
“Just shut up before I change my mind.”

Happy birthday, Ink! I hope you continue to have amazing and crazy adventures in the years to come!

Ink all but saved my life during one of my worst moments, and is a constant reminder that I’m not broken or an abomination. So thank you so much, @myebi / @comyet, for creating this lovable rainbow jerk.

Random Starters! Send one for My Muse’s Reaction!

1. “Guess what I just Bought!”

2. “No, that sounds like a horrible Idea!”

3. “Damnit that sucks!..Uh..I mean..Darnit..”

4. “No..Just sitting here with the Pink Weirdo and the Rainbow Jerk..”

5. “You wana stop that for 5 minutes?!”

6. “Meh..Accuracy is Overrated anyway..”

7. “I want that, that..Aaaand that!”

8. “Iiiiit’s Bubble Bath Time!”

9. “No that doesn’t make me feel better at all!”

10. “I swear these cults get weirder and weirder..”

11. “Time to smite these bitches!”

12. “Oooh This is the sweetest weapon I have ever held!”

13. “Settle down there Sparky!”

14. “So..How was the Dying?”

15. “And at the sound of him Screaming for Mercy it will be exactly…2:30..”

I can’t help but think about the girl who recently had a rainbow sign jerked out of her hand and a hole punched through it. This would have been such a perfect opportunity to make sure things like that weren’t encouraged within the fandom, but instead this just feels like an encouragement to do so.