rainbow jark


Photoset of Rainbow Jark: Special Kira Kira Bomb Special

This was a special request for my mother, who absolutely loves peafowl and wanted a custom painted zoid. I decided to go all out and try to aim for a ‘anime’ accurate Jark. Had to scrap that idea as the plastic on the Genesis era zoids is terrible to paint; even with primer. It look a long time, many, many drying days but the end result is worth it. 

Joints are inlaid with artificial ground crystal paint and iridescent paint. All the white areas are rainbow pearl tones. I pulled apart the tail and sealed the tail stickers with glitter lacquer; it sparkles in the sunlight; but is impossible to photograph.

I haven’t been building zoids or models as of late, just been far too ill and had a few joint injuries that have impacted my hands.

It was a frustrating custom paint job, but my mum loves it. So worth it. Just…ugh. Something easy is on the build queue next.


Rainbow Jark Wind!

Oh man, I’ve wanted one of these kits for quite a while but just never got around to picking one up. Kimbo gifted me one for my birthday which was a seriously awesome surprise! 

The RJW is much nicer than the standard Jark (of which I would do a photo comparison with but she’s in storage with my ex right now) due to a couple of things. For a start, the colour palate was fixed to be more anime accurate (though the neck is still missing the white collar – I could’ve painted it in but it’s not actually in the build of the model itself – and a few other details that don’t really bug me.) All the purples are pearlescent as are the whites. The gold has been boosted too on the wings/beak/crest/feet. 

I had to do some panel line work on the face because it bugged me that the (still anime inaccurate) face plate around the eyes was just white, and I did the topside of the wings too to match the CGI model with the definition. Other than that the kit is pretty much good out of the box unless you were a hardcore detailer.

Except for the tail.

I. Hate. The. Tail. As you can see mine hasn’t got the stickers applied because the stickers are just vile and I hate them. When I go to Kimbo’s next week I’m taking the tail with me so I can hand detail all the eyes myself in silver. 

Another neat thing is that the Wind Dancer components, as they were made to fit the old model, are in the original purple and in a way they kind of make a really nice contrast with the new purple.

Overall, she’s gorgeous, and I’m so happy to finally have her. 


After going through some boxes of old stuff (with many more to go), I decided to take these three out and enjoy them before I inevitably sell them. I used to adore Zoids and still do, but ‘I can no longer enjoy the model kits I so loved because of lack of a proper display space inside my very tiny room.

Buster Eagle and Rainbow Jark are among my most favorite designs, obviously because they’re birds but also because they’re very sharp and striking. Sadly Buster kept falling apart because of his top heavy cannons and blox structure, but I’m amazed that most (if not all) of his parts are intact after all the years. AFAIK Jark is only missing an eye (which was lost early on as the eye pieces are really fiddly and difficult to fit in snugly) and a tail sticker. I also included Nightwise since he’s another bird and was readily available for the photoshoot. :D

It pains me to have to part with these guys, along with many of my other Zoids, but financial wellness isn’t on my side right now and there’s no space to put them all in. I really hope whoever inherits them will give them a respectful display space that I wasn’t able to provide. <3


I finally had the energy to test out a new primer on my current project; a Rainbow Jark. Mostly aiming to make it a bit more colour accurate/peacock-y. Wings and tail have been disassembled.

Really impressed with Testors enamel lacquer; one coat pretty much preps the surface, plus it is sandable too if it builds up too much on the plastic. Might do a second coat on the oily gold plastic to eliminate any risk of paint chipping.

Unfortunately today was bad, pain wise so I haven’t got much further than trimming/sanding.