rainbow italian ice

Rainbow Italian Ice in a pleated paper cup!!

I was trying to explain to my daughter how eating an Italian ice with a spoon from a standard paper cup is not the same. You aren’t supposed to use a spoon! You use your mouth and squeeze the hell out of that little paper cup. By the time you’re done, your cup is a folded, colored, mushy mess! We’d walk to Mr. Pizza to get them. Boy, do I wish I had one right now!! 

Sometimes work gives us cool stuff, like rainbow Italian ice, even thought its assuredly the cheap stuff and couldn’t be considered Italian at all.

This literally tasted like icy liquified smarties. I ate the whole thing as slow as I could without letting it become complete liquid. The best thing about it is that it cooled me down when we were really busy and I was still overheated from being outside just to come into the store.

I’d like to say this is the stuff that tricksters are made of.