rainbow hoops

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12 for mari?

Mari has SIX ear piercings and it’s hard to find so many earrings that all match so she tends to just keep generic cubic zirconia studs in.

Sometimes she gets lucky, though, and she finds something really cool or really tasteful to wear. For formal things, she has a set of freshwater pearl earrings that decrease in size from front to back. She goes to Fukuoka Pride with Yuuri and Viktor and puts a set of rainbow stainless steel mini hoops in her ears that she gets a lot of compliments on. 

Also, Mari definitely had an eyebrow piercing at some point. Like, I’m just saying. Those Brows.

Mari wears a bracelet that’s just a simple white gold bangle that Hiroko got her for some life milestone, maybe her college graduation. It’s subtle and tasteful but very nice, and Mari wears it all the time as a reminder of the love and support she finds with her family. 

She also has an ANKLE BRACELET because I like thinking about it. It’s a stainless steel chain with a poodle charm on it.

(ALSO ALSO Viktor gets her a PANDORA BRACELET for her 30th birthday and he shows her the website so she can pick out some charms and after realizing that she won’t be able to convince him that it’s too expensive, she picks out a charm shaped like a ninja tower (It’s just a generic ninja tower but she pretends it’s the Hasetsu ninja tower), a sakura blossom and two figure skates.

“The ninja tower represents my father, and the sakura blossom is my mother,” she explains. “The figure skates are Yuuri and you.” Viktor’s heart inflates to roughly the size of the moon.


Person using a weighted rainbow hula-hoop outside. Two houses and a red car are visible in the background. Gray storm clouds are also visible.

Gif 1: Stimming by tapping the backs of my hands against my forehead, I am smiling.
Gif 2: Twisting a textured tangle in my left hand, looking away from the camera.