Last week we featured the spectacular rainbow tresses of Trish Reibelt. These rainbow hairstyles are equally awesome because they’re just as vibrant while also being secret! It’s #HiddenRainbowHair

Not Another Salon in London and Twisted Scissors in Chicago are two salons that’ve perfected the technique of dying the bottom layers of a person’s hair so that the brilliant rainbow is concealed unless one’s hair is styled to reveal the colorful secret.

A video posted by be_create_inspire_🦄 (@alana.rush) on Apr 26, 2016 at 11:49pm PDT

Check out the #hiddenrainbowhair tag on Instagram to to view more examples of this beautifully deceptive hairstyle.

Photos and video by Not Another Salon, athena.golden, thetiffanypratt, mariahunzai, twistedscissorschicago, and alana.rush respectively.

[via Design Taxi]


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