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Fanfic Ford: I’m sorry Fiddleford/Stan/Mabel/dipper I don’t really understand this whole “homosexuality” thing. 

 Canon Ford: Refereed to Fiddleford as his partner and shared a single bed with him on multiple occasions. walks into the kitchen wearing a rainbow sweater hugging Fiddleford, “Greetings family, I’m so very happy to be loving men.”

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Okay, next time she was telling them they needed to give her a map.  She may suck at reading human words, but she could at least read a map!  This was getting ridiculous.  Half the missions she went on required her to report to a base in a town upon completion.  She couldn’t navigate towns for her life.  Forests were not problem, but towns were like walking into a maze.  She closed her eyes and groaned, still moving forward, and accidentally ran right into someone.  Tamera gave a very Pokémon-like squeak of surprise before stumbling backwards.  Okay, now she was embarrassed.  Her ears felt like they were burning, and not in the fun way.

“Je suis très très très désolée!” Tamera squeaked out, her voice high-pitched and frantic.  “I am soooo sorry!  Vraiment!  I should ‘ave been paying more attention!  Are you alright?”

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Just Maggie, boxing(or other training of some kind)

there’s a gym on the corner underneath the train tracks that’s open twenty four fours a day, seven days a week. it’s run by a guy named lee who charges ten bucks a week, for an extra three you can rent a locker. 

maggie rents a locker. 

inside she keeps clean workout clothes, a towel, her waterbottle and two sets of wraps - one set black, and one rainbow. everyone knows her mood by which wraps she wears and what time she shows up: black means she’s heading straight to the heavy bags with her headphones in only stopping long enough to greet lee; rainbow means sparring, with whoever’s brave enough to get into the wrong and if we’re being honest, there aren’t many brave souls left. 


Heads Greeting for @rainbows-and-ashes

Stien was out in the Junkyard trying to fuse two pieces of metal together. Sadly his torch didn’t seem to be getting as much ‘UMPH’ as it used too…He really needed to find a Fire Type Pokemon to add to his arsenal. As he was tinkering with it he heard a sound coming from behind him and turned around.

“Hm? Oh! I didn’t know anyone was back here! Welcome! Welcome! Looking for anything?“


✨🌺✨ALOHA! ✨🌺✨
My mama arrived on the aina yesterday!!! Staying with us for 10 days in our rainbow hut!! Greeted her with hibiscus flowers and a fresh young coconut!!! Dinner at Rainbow Living Foods (raw organic vegan cafe!) ~ Spending the day today relaxing on the beach! Giving her massages and rubbing her feet! Yoga together every day! Exactly 10 years ago this month we were in Oahu for my 13th birthday.
Sending our love! Sat nam! Wahe guru! ✨🙌🏼✨

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I met Louis and the rest of One Direction on one of the meet and greets in August. My girlfriend and I got to go together. We'd only come out a few weeks before to our family, so holding hands and acting like a couple in public felt a bit weird to me (but so wonderful.) I was so excited but nervous to meet the boys, we'd only found out a couple days before than my GF's uncle was able to get us passes. Anyway while waiting to get out picture taken my GF and I were holding hands and (+)

(+) at one point she’d had her arm around me and kissed my forehead to try and calm me down. I noticed Louis was watching us carefully - at this point I shipped Larry but I was still a bit worried I’d gotten it wrong and he might actually be a homophobic dick. I kind of looked away but when I looked back he was smiling at us, almost wishfully. When we finally got to our picture I stood next to him because he’s my favourite, and he said quietly to me “you guys make a really cute couple” (+)

(+) and I think I managed to mutter out a thank you, because I was stunned that he of all people had just said that to me. i was like freaking out. and then to top it off he goes “and i really like your rainbow shirt” with a wink! I could tell he like wanted to say more but it felt like he couldn’t? Anyway, I’d never really shared this story before because it felt like something so special to me but I thought maybe it would make others happy now? Especially with the more recent bullshit 2.0


eep! thank you for sharing