rainbow form

This incredible shot of a rainbow that formed in the spray of a waterfall was captured by a young photographer, Justin Lee. The picture was taken in California’s Yosemite National Park. 

Today I slipped and as I was falling
I reached for a snake
I thought was a root

And oh yeah, I was falling
because I was trying to escape
What my dog was vomiting
(The leftovers from the coyotes’ dinner last night)

And somehow
Lying on my back
I saw a rainbow 
Form an entire circle
Around the sun
(For about 45 seconds
Before the clouds moved on)

This poetry’s so bad
It’s no even metaphorical
(It’s just me telling you
About my day)

But you know
Now that you mention it
Something about
The whole ordeal

It did kind of remind me
A little of you

It doesn't really matter, really.(Draco Malfoy Request)

Pairing: Draco X Reader

Warnings: FLUFFY AF , and lengthy

(Y/BD) = your birthdate
(Y/H) = your house

You awoke to the sound of rain tapping against the glass of your window. There was obviously a storm.

And it was your birthday.

Not that you minded though, you loved the rain.

There was always something soothing about the rain. It calmed you down, and it was the perfect excuse to stay in bed.

But you had class.

Which meant you aren’t going to stay in bed and you most definitely weren’t going to have the best birthday.

This was the 6th time you’d spend your birthday at Hogwarts, and you were surprised you hadn’t gotten used to it yet.

You put on your robes and pack your bag before leaving the (Y/H) girls dormitory.


You were now in Potions, helping your boyfriend, Draco, not fail you guys and helping him make the Draught of Peace without spilling everything.

It was still raining, not that you minded.

Actually, a lot of other people were bothered by the fact it was raining, on your birthday. Everyone basically just apologized for the rain and kept saying that your birthday would’ve been better if it was sunny.

You couldn’t help but reply with a,

“It doesn’t really matter, really.”

Heck, even professor Trelawney called you unlucky and unpleasant because of her predictions of having rain on your birthday.

But you liked it.

You didn’t understand why everyone was making bug fuss out of it.

“Happy Birthday (Y/N)!”, you heard hollers and shouts from behind you on your way to your dorm.

You turn around to see Harry, Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Dean, Ginny, and Seamus.

I know, they aren’t exactly Draco’s crowd, but Draco didn’t own you, and he completely respected you and your friends, even if he could be a bit nasty at times.

“Hey guys!”, you say excitedly and pull them in for a group hug.

“We have something - well things - for you!”, Ron says excitedly.

He runs off and comes back with 10 presents in his arms, barely able to carry them all, and clearly struggling.

“What’re you guys doing? Go and help the lad!”, you giggle.

Dean and Seamus rush to help Ron.

“Nah.”, says the twins.

Everyone giggles and smiles at each other.

“Hey (Y/N), it must be pretty awful having rain on your birthday isn’t it?”, Hermione questions, patting your back.

“It actually isn’t a big deal. I like it.”, you share whilst giving everyone in the circle a reassuring smile, noticing that everyone in the circle was giving you sympathetic looks.

Everyone except Harry.

“You and me both (Y/N).”, Harry smiles and high fives you.


You turn around and see Draco, leaning against the wall and smirking at you.

You smile at him and he starts walking over.

He was holding a wrapped, rectangular box with penguin wrapping paper.

“Happy birthday babe.”, he says and you kiss.

Your friends make vomiting noises behind you guys whilst you kiss Draco.

“Oh shut it would ya?”, Draco sneers at your friends and you give him a disappointed look, “Ok,um sorry, just stop I guess.”, he blushes whilst scratching his neck.

The whole group bursts in to fits of laughter, even Draco.

“Hey, what about this, you guys go change into warm and more comfortable clothes and I’ll see you guys at the Astronomy Tower, we’ll open the presents together.”, you say whilst smiling at your friends, excited for tonight.


You’re now at the Astronomy Tower and you’re surrounded by your friends.

Dean and Ginny re cuddling, Harry, who is not too far away, is looking at the couple sadly, Hermione and Ron were bickering on which constellation is which, Fred and George were chasing your chocolate frogs, which were given to you by Seamus, who had gone to bed.

Draco was sending an owl to Narcissa and humming to himself in a corner.

You decide to go to Harry and ask him if he’s okay.

“You alright?”, you say to him whilst leaning your head on his shoulder.

This random act was not weird at all. You had met Harry on Platform 9 ¾ and you figured it out together with the help of Mrs. Weasley. You were like a sister to him, and he was like a brother to you. You looked out for each other and were sometimes very protective over each other.

Draco didn’t really like how close you ere, but he understood after knowing your family status.

You were a middle child. And no matter how hard you tried to make your parents notice you, it just didn’t work out. Your sister wasn’t much help either. Your little brother tried but he didn’t really understand. You couldn’t blame him though, he was still much too young.

That’s why when you realized you were actually friends with The Boy Who Lived, you were beyond shocked.

You were shook.

You had always imagined your sister hanging out with his kind, you know popular, kind and most importantly, he mattered.

All your life you were told you mattered, but you never really felt it.

And you were grateful that this cruel world gave you Harry.

“Well, you know I like her, and she’s doing all this with him, and I kinda wanna be mad at her for doing this to me, but then I realized that she doesn’t even know my feelings for her, and I just feel stupid for letting myself feel this way.”, he rambles and puts his head in his hands.

“Hey, Harry, it’s alright. Just try to think of something else.”

“But I can’t. You of all people should know that.”

“Please. For me?”, you say whilst giggling.

“Hmphf, fine.”, he says ,pulling you in for a hug.

“Now, go help Fred and George catch the chocolate frogs. You can have one if you’d like.”, you say after pulling away from the hug, whilst kissing him on the cheek.

He grumbles a bit then leaves to go help.

You stare at the haul in front of you.

A silver necklace with a unicorn charm on it from Ginny, five bottles of Butterbeer from Dean, two chocolate frogs that were running up and down the walls that were being chased by Fred, George and Harry from Seamus who had gone to bed, a Patented DayDream Charm from Fred and George, a notebook and a quill and ink from Hermione, a small cupcake from Ron, a sunflower pin from Luna, and a pair of rainbow fuzzy socks form Neville.

You had yet to open Draco’s gift.

“Hey, open mine.”, Draco says getting next to you.

You open it to find a whole case of pins! With enough storage left for your other pins.

Okay, you kind had an obsession over pins. You would have them on your robes all the time and on your bag.

You gasped in awe, moving your finger over the 25 pins.

There was a frog with a crown on it., a moon with stars, a rainbow, a snake (this definitely described Draco), a (Y/H) crest, a palm tree and many others.

“Draco, it’s perfect!”, you say putting it away and kissing him all over this face.

“Haha only the best for the most perfect girl.”, he says whilst kiss you on the lips.

“Thank you.”

You cuddle and stare at the rain, that came out of nowhere.

Ron and Hermione were no longer bickering over the constellations, but were now playing a game of wizard’s chess. Even though Hermione was absolutely terrible.

Harry and the twins were now talking about quidditch whilst eating the chocolate frogs, you didn’t mind them eating them, they deserved it after catching them.

“I’m sorry for the rain, babe.”, he says, wrapping an arm around you.

“Aw, don’t apologize over something you don’t have any control over. And besides, it doesn’t really matter, really.

You both laid there, giggling here and there at your friends’ antics.

This birthday was truly magical.

Even if it did rain.

But that didn’t really matter, really.

The Littlest Winchester - Special Eyes

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 982

Request:  Can you do a littlest winchester where she meets cas for the first time and can see his wings/ true form?


           “Daddy, Cass is glowing again.” Dean’s four-year-old daughter speaks quietly and points at the angel.

           “Is he? Can you see his wings, too?” He picks up the little girl.

           She nods and rests her head on his collarbone, eyes trained on Castiel.

           “Remember what I said that was?”

           “His true form.”

           “Exactly. Does it still scare you?”

           The little girl shrugs.

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Are you ever just hit with the crushing lack of LGBT+ characters in television like real hard and have to sit down for a sec

And then when they ARE represented they either have:
-awful plot development
-zero personality
-no screen time

And then, finally, a diamond in the rough emerges… *angels singing in the distance*
They get good, long, meaningful scenes that are more than just making out somewhere… *a triple rainbow forms*
They have quirks and normal problems, and are treated like every other couple in the show… *flowers bloom, butterflies appear, all is well*

And then it’s fucking cancelled.


Let’s change that?

I mean, really. Would it kill you, CW, to give Kev an actual plot line?

anonymous asked:

ok, ,, so u see,,, I love my oihina children,, and I need more hc and u have a++++++ hc and hi


  • when they first start dating its something that everyone sees coming. they’ve been pining after each other for months, both afraid of rejection, when finally one confesses to the other in a soft voice and the next thing they know theyre both giggling and laughing and crying and kissing because god are they in love
  • at first its difficult and oikawa’s fangirls are dangerous and sneaking around them is tiresome. they try to pick on hinata a lot when oikawa isnt around, and hinata really tries not to let it affect him, but oikawa can see as the days go on. so he finally catches them in the act and tells them off and from then on theyre open and mushy gushy and dont care about any wandering eyes
  • hinata’s family adores oikawa. his mom is enamoured with him (”so polite and kind and handsome,” she coos) and natsu is too. when oikawa sees the picture of hinata’s dad on the mantle of the fireplace, he doesnt ask, but hinata takes a hold of oikawa’s hand and whispers to him that his dad wouldve liked him too
  • oikawa’s family is rambunctious, and staying over at oikawa’s house together always brings on some new adventure. oikawa and his sister pick on each other a lot, and his sister loves doting on hinata and playing with his hair and all that. takeru looks up to hinata because whoa, you went to nationals! and it makes hinata beam with pride. oikawa’s mom also loves hinata and is always commenting on how cute he is much to hinata’s displeasure. it doesnt help that oikawa joins in on it too.
  • its a couple of years before they finally move in together, renting a small one bedroom apartment with just enough space for the both of them. its dainty, the bathroom door needs to be oiled because it squeaks, and theres a draft coming in from somewhere that they can never place, but they love it because its theirs
  • they get 2 dogs and a cat - a shiba and a corgi, but they have no idea what kind of cat. they love her nonetheless, though. the shiba prefers hinata over oikawa and is always begging hinata for attention. oikawa gets upset because he wants attention from both of them too. the corgi love everyone equally, even the cat. the cat usually keeps to herself and sits on the windowsill, but will ever now and then plop herself in oikawa’s lap. this time its hinata’s time to get jealous
  • oikawa proposes on a rainy spring day. “rainbow weather,” he calls it as he points up to the orange, yet cloudy sky. theres a rainbow forming to the east of them, clear and crisp. and its while hinata is staring at it in awe that oikawa gets down on one knee, takes his hand, and produces a shiny ring. hinata cries when he says yes
  • their wedding is a comfortable middle between small and private and big and rambunctious. oikawa is nervous as all hell, literally trembling the entire ceremony. iwaizumi, his best man, scolds him to calm him down, but he cant help the jitters. though when he sees hinata coming down the aisle with a veil framing his perfect, freckle-spotted face, the jitters stop and he’s reminded again just how in love he is. when they say their vows, they’re both crying and blubbering out the words to each other because theyre both so happy they cant keep the tears at bay. their kiss tastes of tears, but they wouldnt have it any other way
Coming Out
  • Yang: Uncle Qrow, have you seen dad anywhere?
  • Qrow: Huh? Yeah he headed to Signal to grade papers. Won't be back till later.
  • Yang: Oh. Oh okay then. *looks down at her feet*
  • Qrow: *pauses mid drink* Something on your mind kid?
  • Yang: *fidgets* Um... um I... *sighs* Okay... Qrow.
  • Qrow: Yeah?
  • Yang: I... I'll just say it. I... I'm bi.
  • Qrow: ... bisexual?
  • Yang: *nods*
  • Qrow: ... oh. Okay.
  • Yang: ... wait that's it?
  • Qrow: What did you expect kid?
  • Yang: Um... I don't know. You asking me if I was sure, or IDK more shocked to be honest.
  • Qrow: Hey kid if you're happy, then I'm happy. 'sides, I'm not your dad, and it's not like I'd tell you what to do anyways. You're a big girl.
  • Yang: I... wow. Thanks Qrow. I'm glad this wasn't super dramatic.
  • Qrow: Well... if you want a little bit of it. *sets flask down and stands up.
  • Qrow: Yang... *puts arms over head and stands on one foot*
  • Yang: What the -
  • Qrow: You are... BI! *hands go down forming a rainbow*
  • Yang: ....

phil’s hands, small and soft, feel like putting your hand in a gentle rainfall. his eyes are like looking up at the sky during this rainfall, and finding a faint blue sky. his snow-pale skin is the clouds above you, as you trek through a forest in a light storm. his laugh is the slight pitter-patter of the drops of water hitting the roof of a nearby cottage. his smile beckons the end of the storm, and the arrival of sunlight. his mind, colorful and imaginative, is the rainbow formed just above you. gentle, serene, peaceful, he brings tranquility to those who seek it.

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Don't let those haters get to you Miss Soka! You're amazing and a rainbow in human form. XOXO Outlandish anon

Back at cha’, Outlandish anon. You are very sweet for spreading cheer in fandom. I am not going anywhere.

The intimidation, harassment, bullying, and doxing facing our community here is real. It impacts peoples’ lives and experiences. Behind each screen and keyboard, there is a real person with loved ones, responsibilities and dreams and desires. To threaten their safety and security under the framework that two actors might or might not be together is not just beyond the pale; it reminds us of the power of cyberharassment and its implication. When supported, consciously or subconsciously by either the stars of the show or the production, it wields a life of its own. We do what we can to protect ourselves; I have nothing but utmost respect for those who have decided to lay low and/or close their account because this is not about standing tall, proud, and strong in the face of repeated harassment. It is not about weathering the storm and pushing through the evil that permeates fandom. It is about protecting oneself, loved ones and staying sane and safe.

When we circle back to where it all began, one has to wonder why the idea of love, real or imagined, between two people in a world full of hate and destruction is so threatening and distasteful that this perception induces the need to slander and potentially self-incriminate.

Imagine unique Alternian internet culture though like:

Aesthetic pictures of groups of friends with different blood colors forming the rainbow.
“Follow for more ancestor fashion”.
Tips on how to improve the quality of your cocoon’s slime.
“Lusus shaming” pictures.
Lowblood channels in youtube giving you tips on how to look fashionable regardless of blood color limitations.
Aggressive highbloods having their own online store where they sell the excess supplies they get from trolls they killed.
Jadeblood gardeners advicing other hemocastes on sunlight plants and giving them nightblooming varieties.
The debate surrounding the trend of interior design of your hive not matching your blood color.
Alternian vegan activists trying to find another way to make paint other than using grubs.
Rumors circulating around the web: lava lamps are made of mutant blood, suddenly everyone do not want.


i’ve watched the Justice League Flash teaser trailer and I still can’t get over how awesome that shot with Barry!! I love how sparks formed when he put his hand on the ground. Also, his surrounding is moist and someone pointed out on twitter that you if you look closely you can see rainbows formed just as he run? There’s also an afterimage when he left!! I love how much detail Zack and co. put in the scenes?  like he didnt have to put that small rainbow that’s barely noticeable but detailsss! i love zack so much.

Showing wonder woman and the head of athena in the same shot and going “Wiser, united.” as the caption of the teaser trailer is just wonderful and witty.

Also, Batman standing on gargoyle was probably the most iconic batman shot i’ve seen(aside from the doomsday fight in bvs when he used his grappling hook.)