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ever just think about how amazing baz is? like he speaks multiple languages, he plays violin, he’s top of his class, he’s super powerful, he’s confident, he’s proudly gay, his name is tyrannus basilton grimm-pitch like how adorable honestly, he loves so passionately, and the way he just wears jeans, he’s athletic, he has incredible manners, baz is just stellar, thank you rainbow rowell for baz, bless

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Hello Jesse! I hope you're well, I just wanted to ask you a couple of things :D Firstly, what are your favourite ever novels & why? Secondly, What books have you read most recently?? And thirdly, have you read any new fics recently? (I'm always in need for new things to read whether it's books or fics!)

Hello there!!

Wow, this is seriously one of my fav asks!  Love when people ask me about things I’m passionate about… like reading!

I can’t answer your first question.  See, it’s just unfair.  I can never choose a “favorite ever” of things because I associate things with emotions.  With memories.  I am a massive connoisseur of anything entertainment-wise (books, movies, music, TV, etc.) and I tend to relate everything back to a time in my life.  But nothing stands out as “ALL TIME BEST…” because, in life, I think we are just a scrapbook of memories.  Fond, indifferent, sad, lovely… a wide spectrum of memories.  So I will not pick a favorite book ever, sorry.

But what books have a I read recently?  I can do that!  I should have a lifetime stock in Kindle because I am constantly downloading new books to read.  Here are a few of my favorites from the past 8 months:

** ALL of these are M/M (one featuring an asexual main character) based novels but have strong characters, great plot, and some are hilarious… **

As for fic recs… I am quite behind on that front, HOWEVER, here’s what I have for you:

I recently finished “you can coax the cold right out of me” by @leighliam and I cannot rave enough about how good it is!

@zipplekink and @englandziam have been on a tear recently with great stuff, so I recommend you check out their latest respective pieces: “these thoughts i keep, i want to share with you” (WIP) and “these fading scars”

Also, the lovely @romancemesomeziam has a brand new one out – Marveling Coincidence

I plan to check out “simple truths of belonging” by izzy, which has been out for awhile but I never got a chance to check it out.

I always say go to @ziamfanfiction for great, specific recs!  Right now, my Go To pieces to feel good are “we are the quiet ones” and “habits of the heart”

And, if you’re looking for brilliant Malec fic recs, my good friend @otppurefuckingmagic sent this AMAZING fic rec list to me to get started!



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